The Beginner’s Owner Guide to Car Insurance

Now that you have your dream car, the next step is to maintain its performance and have it insured. Having car insurance is one of the important elements of auto ownership. Do you have any idea what is car insurance? Car insurance helps you get protected from sudden expenses because of vehicular accidents.

The Beginner’s Owner Guide to Car Insurance 1

As a car owner, you need to purchase auto insurance whether your vehicle is made from aluminum, glass, special fibers, or, steel tubes. In the Philippines, there are several car insurance companies that offer a wide variety of insurance package that will tailor every car owner’s need and preferences. But, before giving you a quick guide about car insurance, let’s get to learn first what car insurance is.

What is Car Insurance?

The Beginner’s Owner Guide to Car Insurance 2

Just like any other insurance, car insurance is a type of insurance that helps and protects you from any financial loss especially due to vehicular accidents. However, this type of insurance is merely focus on vehicles alone. Car insurance can provide you liability, property, and even medical coverage. The assistance of car insurance will depend on what are the combinations and the extent of the policy you choose.

The Two Types of Car Insurance

  • Collision – This type of car insurance covers you when your vehicle is damaged due from colliding with other element, such as other vehicle, tree, or even electric post. This type of car insurance also has a comprehensive coverage which covers your vehicle’s damage due to fire, explosion, and glass breakage, among others.
  • Liability – This type of car insurance gets you protected when you are the one who cause damage to other vehicle or its part or properties. Partly, the cost of a liability insurance policy can be determined through the maximum amount requested by the insurance holder.

Now that you already know the two types of car insurance, presented below are the factors that you need to consider before purchasing auto insurance. Read on to guide you accordingly when buying your auto insurance.

Covers Vehicle at All Times

The Beginner’s Owner Guide to Car Insurance 3

When choosing an insurance company, opt for car insurance that covers your vehicle at all times. Some car insurance company may become a problem when you are claiming already your insurance. Also, make sure that you always pay your premium on a regular basis to avoid lapses of your insurance. 

Reliable and Reasonable

The Beginner’s Owner Guide to Car Insurance 4

Choose a car insurance company that is credible and consistent. It is important that car insurance is doing their job from the day you first pay your premium until the day you will claim your insurance. Select an insurance that has a reasonable price for their premium coverage. Remember that the higher the payout limit, the higher price of premium you will need to pay.

Be an educated and smart buyer. Before deciding to purchase your car insurance, have a sufficient time to review all the available car insurance in the country. Do a proper research and compare the quotations of all the car insurance to determine what’s best for you. After all, the goal of car insurance is to give you assistance in your financial needs. 


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