Productive Activities Your Child Can Do During the Holidays

Finally, school is out and exam is over. Few weeks from now, several students studying in different international schools in Manila will take a break and spend the holidays with their beloved family. Christmas season is filled with completing the “Misa de Gallo”, attending family reunions, and joining various Christmas parties.

Productive Activities Your Child Can Do During the Holidays 1

Apart from enjoying the Christmas season with their family, there are several ways on how students can be productive while still enjoying the Christmas break. Read on and take a look at the different productive activities for your children.

Cooking and Baking 

Productive Activities Your Child Can Do During the Holidays 2

One of the easiest ways on how to make your children productive during Christmas break is to engage them in cooking and baking at home. These two house chores have various benefits apart from teaching kids different recipes. Baking can improve the hand and eye coordination of kids as they pour ingredients into a bowl. They can also enhance their Math skills since they will learn to measure the exact amount of each ingredient before baking. On the other hand, cooking enables kids to focus and enhance their senses since they will their different senses, such as sight, taste, and smell when cooking.

You can schedule cooking or baking once a week. Every week, you can prepare a specific recipe they will follow. You can allow them to cook or bake your dessert during the Holidays, too!

Visit Library and Read More Books

Productive Activities Your Child Can Do During the Holidays 3

School break is also a perfect timing to enhance your kid’s reading skills and let them learn different things. Let them visit the nearest library and read the book that they find interesting. There are several benefits of reading, such as mental stimulation, enhance their knowledge, stress reduction, and memory improvement. Moreover, reading can improve your kid’s vocabulary, too.

Go Camping

Productive Activities Your Child Can Do During the Holidays 4

Learning and being a productive is more exciting when done outdoors. Let your kids explore outside by letting them go camping. You can set up tent in your garden or backyard. Camping can improve one’s sleeping pattern and gain resiliency. This outdoor activity can also teach your kids to being independent.

Declutter and Have a Garage Sale

Productive Activities Your Child Can Do During the Holidays 5

As the year ends, it is the perfect time to ditch those unused clothes and pile of old magazines and books. Let your kids clean and organize their room so that when the school begins again, they have a clean and fresh study area.

When your children are done with decluttering, they can sell whatever they find that is still usable, such as old clothes and books.

Volunteer Work

Productive Activities Your Child Can Do During the Holidays 6

Being involved in a community will definitely hone one’s personality. Does your community have an annual clean-up drive or tree planting activities? Let your children involve in such community service. They will enhance their social and leadership skills. Community volunteer work has proven to be a perfect avenue to promote personal growth and increase their sense of social responsibility.

Mentioned above are just few of the many productive activities that your kids can do. It is important to make sure that your kids are involved in the planning of the activities. Hence, they will feel valued and engaged on the activities. 


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