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How To Make Goat Cheese

The art of cheese making can be exciting and fun. Understanding all the ingredients and how they work will help simplify this process. Goat cheese is known as chèvre, after the French word for goat. Goat cheese is often higher in protein and lower in fat than cheese from cow’s...


How to Make Cheese from powdered Milk and Coconut Milk

Making Cheese from powdered Milk and Coconut Milk (Contains 12% – 14% protein) Materials: 1 2/3 cups skim milk powder 6½ cups water 1½ cups coconut milk (first and second extraction) 4 tbsp.salt 1 1/3 tsp.coagulant (DTRI-IFS-6 milk coagulant) DTRI-IFS-6 milk coagulant can be made by soaking in hot water...