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Cyber-spy Groups are moving towards using supply chain attacks and legitimate tools to attack financial institutions, warns Kaspersky Lab

They are not just after your data anymore.  Kaspersky Lab today reveals that cyber-espionage groups are now attacking financial institutions in Asia Pacific.  From spying, stealing, and leaking state, military, and trade secrets, cybersecurity researchers at Kaspersky Lab discovered that cybercriminals operating in the region now aim for monetary gain...


Kaspersky Lab Unmasks the History of Cyber Espionage in the APAC region

Equipped with detailed histories of previous cyber espionage attacks against countries in the Asia Pacific, Kaspersky Lab exposed the current state of the cyber espionage threat landscape in the region.  Kaspersky Lab’s cybersecurity researcher Vitaly Kamluk revealed that the global cybersecurity company has already published reports about cyber espionage campaigns...


Kaspersky Lab uncovers “The Mask”: One of the most advanced global cyber-espionage operations to date

New threat actor: Spanish-speaking attackers targeting government institutions, energy, oil & gas companies and other high-profile victims via cross-platform malware toolkit Today Kaspersky Lab’s security research team announced the discovery of “The Mask” (aka Careto), an advanced Spanish-language speaking threat actor that has been involved in global cyber-espionage operations since...