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Example of a phishing website gathering credit card details

And the malware goes to…

Popular films gain the attention of cybercriminals, no less than movie fans, with the Oscars in the calendar only upping the stakes. To better understand how cybercriminals try to capitalize on our interest in high-profile movies, Kaspersky researchers looked into the prevalence of such scams. With over 20 phishing websites...


Cybercriminals use smartphone calendars to distribute scam offers

Kaspersky experts have detected multiple cases of a sophisticated scam targeting users through fraudulent, unsolicited Google Calendar notifications and luring them into giving away their personal information. The attacks happened throughout May. This scam abuses a specific feature of a free online calendar service which adds invitations and events to...


6 Security Tips for Freelancers

Cybercriminals love people in HR departments, because their job includes opening files that come from unknown sources — CVs, application materials, and so on. And these files quite often contain something malicious. You know who’s in the same boat, for the very same reason? Freelancers. Freelancers also have to communicate...