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The Art of Investment: How to Profit in A Changing Financial Market

Introduction Ask any seasoned investor about age-old tricks to derive profits from investments and their simple answer would be, there are none! This is because the strategies, which an investor used to use a decade back, do not hold any relevance in modern times. The advent of digital platforms and...


Smart Tips on Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Many businesses, especially small companies with limited resources, fail because they don’t focus on their financial assets enough. Lots of small enterprises are not aware that their bookkeeping process is inefficient or outdated, while some others neglect it completely, wrongfully believing that the practice is redundant and just entails splurging...


3 Things to Pay Attention to When Investing In Stocks In 2018

Financial markets are very important in the economy of a country. They play a major role in bringing together entrepreneurs and businesses to buy and sell financial assets such as derivatives, stocks, and currencies. 2018 is here and with it comes an investment opportunity in the stocks financial market. Are...