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Pros and Cons of Learning Online

Intro Nowadays there are all kinds of courses available at your disposal online for a small fee. Nowadays it’s as easy as ever to enroll in online business courses, cooking courses, SEO courses and something becoming more popular by the day Digital marketing courses. So, whatever you’re interested in or...

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The number of users that faced threats disguised as popular online learning platforms increased by 60% in the second half of 2020

As the pandemic continues and schools experience renewed closures or pursue a hybrid model of learning (in-person and remote), the educational sector continues to attract the attention of cybercriminals on the Internet. From July to December 2020, 270,171 users encountered various threats disguised as popular learning platforms—an increase of 60%...

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OFWs Guide for Online Learning: Here’s What to Prepare

The concept of online learning is becoming even more popular in the current world as technology continues to grow and further develop. The invention of new technical devices and connectivity platforms make it possible to deliver new curriculums through virtual learning programs, and schools are rapidly absorbing this new way...

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Top 5 e-Learning Apps Can Educate Your Child During Pandemic

These days, more than 300 million students are attending online classes as the Corona pandemic intensifies. Smartphones and usage of the Internet have made online learning so simple and easy as it was never before. Now teachers can share thousands of books, notes, videos, and other useful material with students...