How to get a job in military intelligence and become an invisible man

Thanks to Edward Snowden and Anna Chapman, many consider intelligence agents to be almost media persons. In reality, everything is different: where publicity begins, service ends. But be that as it may, more and more young people now secretly dream of a career as a spy. However, dreamers are firmly convinced: there is no way a person from the street can become an intelligence officer. But what to do if you really want to?

military intelligence

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There were always more than enough real intelligence officers among the reporters. What are worth only Richard Sorge and Ernest Hemingway. The latter, by the way, recalled how he had to watch the enemy’s submarines under the guise of fishing. In reality, he did everything the other way around – under the guise of watching submarines, he was just fishing…

In addition to the expected and commonplace (are there criminal records or not, whether there is foreign citizenship or not), the questions in the forms come across very original. For example, THEY need to know if there were any among my relatives who died as a result of an accident, suicide, under unclear circumstances? Moreover, it is required to clarify who, where, when, under what circumstances. Intelligence is also interested in whether you have endured significant physical or nervous stress in your life. And again it is necessary to say when and which ones. Today almost everyone is asking about drugs and psychoactive substances, but personnel officers want to know in detail what feelings a person experienced when using. With this intelligence, it is necessary to report even about whether you tried the “laughing” mushrooms and what happened to you after that. You need to list all the ailments that you have suffered in life, indicating your age and circumstances. Well, even if they are not taken to intelligence, there is a lot of benefit from filling out these questionnaires – thanks to them, remember all the ailments and hardships of life.

One of the main questions in the main questionnaire is why do you want to try it? And the answer options are “the prestige of the organization”, “the usefulness of the results of labor”, “proximity to home”, “availability of free time”, “it is difficult to find another place of work.”

Completed forms are supposed to be taken to the specified address. Specialists will study them and then, if you fit them well, they will call and invite you to an interview.

Among the absolute contraindications are a paucity of mind, poor memory, and a slow reaction. There is no spy with such flaws. For this, a triple screening system is provided. If you don`t have a higher education, you won`t be able to work as a spy. During the verification process, you need to pass a special intelligence test. In practice (by simulating specific situations), they will check how a person behaves if he is confused, scared, etc. Careerists are quickly “declassified” and they try not to take them because you can never trust such people 100%. Just out of a desire to get another star, they can make some ridiculous mistake. And a spy, like a sapper, is mistaken once. No matter how pretentious it sounds, but without a special attitude to the homeland, without the desire to do something for it, you should not even meddle in intelligence. And if you really want to live abroad and make good money, then there are plenty of other ways for this.

No matter how talented and wonderful the newly minted spy is, he cannot do without training. You need to know a bunch of all sorts of mysteries of the craft. “Addresses, passwords, turnouts”.

The intelligence officer must have knowledge in the field of international law, the history of diplomatic relations, political science, regional studies, operational psychology (its focus is on the behavior of various types of people who will have to deal with in practical work). In general, psychology is the main thing in intelligence. Foreign language is a spy’s second weapon. 

To become a writer and write whatever you feel like is no easy task just like to become a spy. Writing like spying is an art. If you don`t acquire these unique skills, buy order from an expert. This purchase will pay off itself if you made the right choice. This is your own life, professionals are near. This is me and you and us only to make out lives better. 

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