Why Is Bitcoin Still A Great Investment Option?

Although there are still many comprehensions about Bitcoin and people still are not very positive about its trading. Investment in Bitcoin is not a popular option among the majority of the global populace, though in present times there are Bitcoin bots provided by companies like Bitcoin profit opinie’ which provide you with almost zero loss investment option, still people are skeptical.To ease it one needs to learn about the benefits of bitcoin investing. There are a number of factors that make Bitcoin an appealing investment. This

bitcoin investment option

The Potential For Exponential Growth

If Bitcoin gains the market cap of just 10% of gold, 1 Bitcoin could be worth $100K or more. That’s pretty exciting… But of course, it comes with added risk. It could all go to 0!Furthermore, if Bitcoin helps bank the 62% of people in the world who DO NOT have access to banks, it will grow exponentially, and again, skyrocket in value. In short it is a goldmine waiting to be explored.

Hedging Against Global Crises And Turmoil

Like Gold, Bitcoin swings the opposite way of natural currencies. In the event of war or economic collapse, Bitcoin will likely skyrocket, allowing you to hedge against currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, etc. This would turn this to be your best investment option in coming times.


Bitcoin is capped to 21 Million units. If it stabilizes as a currency, and doesn’t run into major problems like governments outlawing the use of it, over time, it will only increase in value. Compare this to all other currencies, which lose 2% or more every year due to inflation, as governments print more and more of it

Impossible To Steal, Seize, Or Confiscate

If you live in a politically repressive country, the money in your bank and even the gold bars in your home safe can be seized by the government if you do something that they perceive as wrong. Heck, in history, governments have seized the funds of people who did nothing wrong at all… Take, for example, my great grandparents. In the 1930’s, the Third Reich determined that they were enemies of the state because they were born Jewish. Their beautiful house, their bank accounts, their jewelry, and their business were all seized, and my grandparents were lucky to escape with just the clothes on their backs and a few diamonds they managed to smuggle in that clothing.

With Bitcoin, I can hide millions of dollars in the blockchain, anonymously, without anyone ever knowing it… and no government can force me to give it up. I can flee the country with just 12 words memorized, and there will be no trace of the money anywhere that links it back to me. This is pretty powerful, and could have saved countless lives and millions or billions of dollars of people in places like Syria, where governments have seized bank accounts.

So, those are a few of the really powerful benefits.

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