7 Ways Poor Personal Finance Management Means Your Business Will Fail

If you are a business owner facing financial issues, you must be wondering where it all went wrong. You started out great but now you seem to be drowning in problems and you don’t know how to get out of it.

Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered why this is happening?

Essentially, it’s related to personal finance management. If you are not doing well on your personal finance plan, you are likely failing in your business finance.

Here are some reasons and how it relates:

No planning

Finance requires meticulous planning. Whether we are talking about simple home finance or business finance, you need to plan everything. Otherwise you can bring a host of problems upon yourself and cause either your personal finance or professional finance to fail.

No desire to learn

This is a common issue. Finance is boring for an average human, it’s understandable. It’s full of jargon, technical words and numbers an average person doesn’t understand. However, it is the lack of interest in finance that causes bankruptcy. You need to learn the basics in order to do business or to handle life.

“Educate yourself on the most essential things. Build upon that knowledge of you have a company. You have to understand finance to some degree in order to do business properly and succeed,” says Nina May, a personal coach at Write My X.

Poor time-management skills and habits

Bad personal habits often translate to poor professional habits. Time is money, that’s a certainty, especially nowadays. This is why you have to develop time-management skills if you want to succeed. Other poor habits like spending without control or being lazy also come with you as you start your business. Make a resolution to abandon old bad habits and develop healthy and efficient skills and habits.

Not preparing

You can’t see the future – that’s for sure. But some things are easy to forsee, especially with today’s analysis of trends and customer behavior. Just like in personal finance, you need to be able to forsee the times where you’ll spend more money – holidays, vacations and so on – you need to foresee when the cash flow will decrease.

“People lack this simple understanding of cash and business movement and that’s where most problems occur. You need to save money when you know that business is going to be slow,” says Martha Iston, a financial adviser from OriginWritings.

Following the herd

Another bad mistake and something that people tend to do is following the herd when it comes to finance. But it’s not good for business to do this. The beaten path is maybe safer but it won’t bring you extraordinary success.

Creating debt

Personal finance is often destroyed by debt. People who carry this bad habit to their business life destroy their chances and cause themselves even more money issues.

While creating debt is sometimes necessary, how you manage it is the key.

You need to pay on time in order to avoid interest rates.

No protection

“People often lack protection from money loss. They don’t have anything saved up, nothing to fall back on and this causes issues. If you carry this habit to your professional life, you’ll likely create a lot of troubles for yourself in business,“ says Augustine Buchan, a finance writer from 1 Day 2 Write.

Over To You

Managing both personal and business finance if you are not a professional is hard. However, you have to be willing to learn and improve in order to succeed. Don’t allow your personal bad habits to translate to your business.

Adelina Benson is an email marketer and writer with AcademicBrits. She works on developing email marketing strategies and best email writing practices for business. In her free time, she likes to write articles in areas that excite her, like finance.


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