Social Media Pros Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Dealing With Instagram Analytics

As majority of businesses are starting to leverage Instagram to tap into app’s reach, the spotlight is now on Instagram analytics. Even though, there are so many benefits to IG’s built-in analytics, there are some famous brands making some common mistakes. So, they are missing out on some of the best opportunities to leverage power of IG marketing to its fullest for engaging audiences. Whether you are planning to drive new followers with IG follow buttons, posting some engaging content for your audiences or running some IG giveaways, Instagram Analytics are key on determining how well these strategies will work. In case, you are making mistakes with IG analytics, the insights will be flawed.

Social Media Pros Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Dealing With Instagram Analytics 1

  1. First mistake: overthinking it or not thinking at all:

As people’s main motto over here is to gain real instagram likes, they are actually forgetting the main platform of Instagram on its own. Optimizing content for that perfect post timing and choosing right hash tags is quite mandatory note. But, trying some of the new ways to stand out in the crowd and going against data can be a clever idea to find ways to increase engagement and reach various parts of followers.

Some people fail to look at data, which hinders the growth. On the other hand, there are some businesses with not clear KPIs. If you are planning to sell online, measuring success in comments and likes might not be that great of an option. In its place, you can use the links for tracking and seeing which story or post drove maximum amount of traffic to website and then convert it into sales.

  1. Second mistake: Not quite making the right switch:

Another grave mistake made by business owners is not switching IG accounts to the business accounts for accessing analytics. There are so many unfortunate companies available in the market, not even aware of the fact that IG offers analytics as they are working on their personal accounts only.

  1. Third mistake: not using third-party app:

It is mandatory for using any kind of third-party app for tracking down on your competitors, which most companies fail to do. There are so many apps to choose from, with Iconosqare being at the top. This app helps in offering detailed analytics of competitors’ engagement, growth and communities. It is perfect for analyzing hash tags and engagement, providing more data to refine and structure best ROI while using IG ads or planning to gain more organic followers.

  1. Fourth mistake: content quality:

With such a huge deal of data points and statistics, quality of content might get lost easily. While posting hash tags, times an engagement rates, you need to have a strategy. But, it is equally important to have high quality content and a relevant one to go with the flow.

Following these simple points will work better whenever you are dealing with experts. These pros have already used IG to its fullest potential and glad to share some of their ideas with you. Follow the leads and you won’t get disappointed.


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