Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail to Pay Their Taxes on Time

The business world can come in all shapes and sizes, especially for those who are just starting out. Nonetheless, this is one truth that can be kind of blunt when first hearing of it as small business owners can come unprepared into the industry. While ambition can be admirable for many, the business world can entail a lot more than that—namely, in the form of taxes and online tax calculators in the Philippines.

Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail to Pay Their Taxes on Time 1

That being said, paying taxes on time is essential for a business to remain operational as not only can doing so help establish the legitimacy of the business, it can also help ensure that the business will grow exponentially! Nonetheless, there are several reasons as to why small business fail to pay their taxes on time—here are some examples of such:

Lack of Funds 

Of course, this is one common reason as to why small businesses fail to pay taxes on time. When it comes to this, there can be several factors to consider when it comes to a lack of funds, but nonetheless, a lack of funds can cause a delay in your business in paying taxes on time.

Incomplete Documents 

Another thing to take note of when it comes to delays in paying taxes for small businesses is none other than incomplete documents. Paying taxes on a regular basis can entail certain documents for you to procure, which are essential for documentation for any tax filing agency.

Having incomplete documents can also question the legitimacy of your business, which in turn can really cause your business to suffer in sales and operations—and the more your business suffers, the more the intervals in tax payments will be.


Since small businesses are the main focus of this article, it’s not surprising if some of them are just starting out, which in turn can cause some sort of confusion for these newbie business owners.

Confusion is one aspect that plagues many new business owners, which can really affect the business as whole. Many startups not only have incomplete documents, but some of them are confused as to what to do exactly when it come to paying taxes, let alone how to do so.

The more business owners are confused with what to do, the more the payments will not be made on time. This is one reason that should be rectified as soon as possible!


Of course, with confusion comes laziness. Being confused with the process of paying taxes can open numerous learning opportunities for you to take—and if ever you don’t take the initiative to learn, then laziness will surely take over!

Laziness is actually one of the worst reasons that can affect many businesses of any size, which in turn is a recipe for disaster. The one common folly with many small businesses is that they can be run by lazy business owners (no offence), which can really be a detriment to the business as a whole. Being lazy can cause more problems for the business to set in, including timely tax payments—all of which you really want to avoid for the betterment of the business.

Misplaced Faith 

Another common folly that many small business owners suffer from is that they misplace their faith in the wrong people, especially when it comes to handling tax payment responsibilities. Paying taxes on time should be handled by the right kind of person, one who really knows what they’re doing—and if small business owners continue to misplace their faith to the wrong people, paying taxes on time can be a difficult task to handle.

Key Takeaway 

These reasons are some of the best examples for small businesses should avoid. Paying taxes on time can not only ensure that your business stays running, it can also keep you in the government’s good graces!


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