Michael E Weintraub ESQ Shares the Golden Rules of Financial Planning for Beginners in 2021

Planning your finance shouldn’t feel tiring and overwhelming. It is not necessary to become a financial wizard to plan your finances for a stable and happy future, says Michael E Weintraub Esq. Deciding to put aside some money each month is the first step toward savings and financing planning.

When you develop the habit of saving at least $500 every month, you move towards financial independence. This way, you do not need to borrow from banks or friends to pay for any emergency like illness, education, relocation, etc. Here are some golden rules of financial planning to save you the undesired surprises and shocks:

Michael E Weintraub Esq talks about smart controlling your expenses

When you solely depend on your paycheck and a single income, you find it hard to meet both ends before a month ends. This happens when you have too many unplanned expenses, thus leaving you with no funds to make the essential expenses. That is why you need financial planning budget, more so if you are a beginner. Unless you create a monthly budget in black and white, you cannot keep a tab on your daily expenses and cash flows.

Break down your expenses as urgent and unnecessary expenditures. Prioritize your spending. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, if you are running short of funds, spend on groceries, utility bills, and tuition fees, but avoid eating out at expensive restaurants or a trip to Disney Land. Michael E Weintraub Esq often helps people with such budgeting tips and tricks for attaining financial stability.

Manage extra cash sensibly

When you have extra funds, it can make or break your future. In the lack of a rock-solid plan, you will tend to become extravagant. You could use the additional cash to make you financially more stable and self-reliant. Smart people use surplus money as effective investments for better returns in the days to come. When you invest in the best financial product, your money will grow and help in narrowing the inflationary gap. After all, money begets money.

When you invest with the extra money and accumulate substantial savings over the years, you need not work beyond 65 years. Those are the golden years of your life and live life to the brim. Spend quality time with your loved ones, go on an exotic vacation, and achieve your life’s dreams. You can invest in buying a home or car for your retirement days.

Deal with your debts smartly

If you have too many debts and fail to repay them on time, you will land in a big soup. With unpaid dues, interest and service charges keep shooting up, thus eating up a significant part of your monthly paycheck. If cannot control your debts, you will land in a trap, which is a never-ending cycle of loans, affecting your personal and professional life. Sound financial planning will help you learn how debts you have, whom to repay, and how to repay as quickly as possible.


You must keep these golden rules in mind for sound financial planning. All you need to do is save every month, avoid unnecessary expenses, and create a budget.

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