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Trading is buying and selling of shares that take place in the stock exchange. If you have a demat and trading account, you can trade in shares. Before the invention of online technologies, trading was a difficult and cumbersome process as one had to call the stockbroker all the time to place orders, modify or cancel orders. Enormous amount of time and energy got wasted as account opening took lot of days as it was an offline process and also since shares were in physical form, transfer of shares or any transaction took a lot of time. Times have changed and so is the trading process. There are online trading platforms that enable you to trade without any problem as per you will.

Account opening is a paperless and painless process which will hardly take 15 or 20 minutes. PAN card, AADHAAR, personalized cheque, etc. are necessary to open account. As shares are stored in demat form, settlement time has reduced considerably. The worries associated with storing physical shares have been done away with due to dematerialization process. You can trade using a laptop or desktop or even through a smartphone. Trading can be done anytime from any part of the world due to advancement in trading platforms. You need not be dependent on stockbroker for your trading purposes. You can execute trade all by yourself as online trading is simple and does not need great skills or experience. You can also receive trade confirmations in the form of electronic notes through message and mail. Mobile trading apps are available that have made trading even simpler. You can have complete control over your portfolio anytime as you can access it from your app anytime. 

The cost associated with online trading is also less and you can always be updated with stock market information through mobile app notifications. As the markets are volatile, it is very essential to know the change in your stock price that will allow you to decide whether to hold your stock or sell it or buy more quantity. Online trading is also one of the safest ways to do trading. There were chances of error, manipulation and miscommunication before the adoption of online technologies. Even if you are travelling abroad or away on vacation, you can simply have total grip on your investments all the time by means of mobile trading app. Open your demat account today! Have a stress free and relaxed trading experience!  

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Anurag Basu, a stock market expert discusses in length on how to do online trading emphasizes the benefits of online trading.

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