Do You Require Medicare Part B?

Imagine yourself suffering a heart attack and requiring an open heart surgery and having to meet the cost 100%, will you even afford it? But with the Medicare advantage plan and the original Medicare, this will not be an issue. Part B is within the original Medicare plan which is sponsored by the government.

medicare part B
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So if you are wondering if you really need a part B Medicare, reading through this post will help in ensuring that you make up your mind and enroll as it will answer some of the questions that you might be harboring.

You Will Require Part B If Medicare Happens To Be Your Primary Cover

Part B is your outpatient coverage. When you retire from active work, you might not be on any medical cover. This means that Medicare will become your primary medical insurance. Part A is the one which pays for your boarding and room when you become an inpatient while the rest is covered by part B.

In insurance terms, part B is for outpatient coverage. But you should not take it to literary mean that as it happens to cover many things both when you are an outpatient as well inpatient. It provides for 80% cover for lab work, doctor visits, physical therapy, diabetes supplies, medical equipment, radiation, surgeries, chemotherapy, dialysis and many others.

Though it covers all that, it is optional because, if you are still working, you can opt to delay it until you retire. But it is important to remember that, it is critical when it comes to your overall health package as long as Medicare is your primary health cover.

Some scenario where you might really require to have a Medicare part B includes:

  • When  you are 65 years and you are working in a company which has less than 20 employees
  • When you are below 65 years and on Medicare due to a disability and you are working for an employer who has less than 100 employees
  • If a former employer has given you retiree coverage
  • When you are turning 65
  • When you are 65 years and you are enrolled in a Medicaid

The above scenarios require that, you should be enrolled with Part B. if you are not, then you will have to be responsible for the first 80% of all your outpatient charges. The worse is that the second cover that you have might not pay at all in case you are not actively enrolled on Part B, making it your primary coverage.

You Have To Be On Medicare Part B In Order To Enroll For Supplement Coverage

The Medigap plans though exciting, don’t replace Medicare part B as they only pay secondary to part B. It will work hand in hand with your Medigap to ensure that you get full coverage. What it means is that you must have enrolled on part B in order to qualify for the Medigap plans.

Medicare will be billed by your health care provider where part B will pay 80% of your outpatient expenses after you have paid a small deductible. The remainder is sent to the Medigap Plan by Medicare so that the 20% is cleared.

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