Oral Hygiene Problems: When Wisdom Teeth Are Hard to Reach and Clean

Wisdom teeth are the final molar teeth that have the ability to interrupt your mouth. Usually, human can see their third molars at the age of 14-30. It is difficult to decide whether you should pull out your molar teeth or not. The dentist always suggests keeping them clean. Uncleaned wisdom teeth can be daunting for you. It is considered to be a hygienic habit to make your overall teeth clean 

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We all know that it is difficult to clean and maintain wisdom teeth. However, in this article, we are going to talk about the ultimate solution to clear molar or wisdom teeth. 

Important tips are discussed below.

Why Wisdom Teeth are Difficult to Clean?

It is a commonly asked question. The cleaning of molar teeth is hard because these teeth are present in the back of the mouth. The location of their root makes them hard to brush and floss. Molar teeth are responsible for infection, cavity, and gingivitis. It is because food particles stuck into the gap of the wisdom teeth very easily, and we could not properly clean them. This lack of cleanliness of wisdom teeth is responsible for Periodontal disease, tooth loss, bone loss, and dental abscesses. When wisdom teeth erupt halfway, they may cause chronic toothache, inflammation, and swelling.

Molar teeth are very difficult to reach. The normal brushing and flossing techniques may not be sufficient to keep the third molar teeth clean always. Therefore, dentists follow special techniques to clean the molar teeth and surrounded tissue, it will help you to maintain overall dental health. Doctor cleanse the food particles and bacteria accumulate in between molar teeth and in different folds of the surrounded teeth where normal brushing and flossing won’t reach.

If someone smokes and takes tobacco in a different form, or does not follow oral hygiene habits. Cavities and Gingivitis wounds are likely to take place, which greatly hamper your oral health.

An Easy Approach to Clean Wisdom Teeth

The dentist suggests cleaning the back molar teeth two times a day. It is the basic way to keep molar teeth clean and healthy. Regular cleansing is also a great approach to keep the surrounded tissue of molar teeth clean and healthy. You can include anti-bacterial mouthwash followed by flossing.

Apart from that, you must use a toothbrush of perfect size that comfortably wash inside your mouth, and cleanse the back of your teeth. Please avoid using large headed toothbrush because it won’t comfortably fit between the narrow gap of lower and upper wisdom teeth. You should always pick a bush with a small head and soft bristle. Soft bristle won’t hurt your gum tissue and a small head easily clean your wisdom teeth.

 You may prefer to use flavoured mouthwash for greater refreshment. However, It does not contain the properties that may protect your teeth and gum. Using Anti-bacterial or therapeutic mouthwash is the best yet easy way to keep clean the third molar teeth. An anti-bacterial mouthwash reduces the accumulation of bacteria around the molar teeth and protects them from gradual tooth decay.

Thus, dentists always recommend using a therapeutic mouthwash of medicated brands that efficiently break the plaque build-up and re-mineralize teeth. After brushing and flossing, washing your mouth with good quality mouthwash can cover the wisdom teeth and protect them from further damage.

The dentist also uses an electronic brush to clean the back of your molar teeth. A normal toothbrush is efficient to clean the font-side of the teeth, but an electronic toothbrush is way more efficient to keep your molar teeth clean and healthy

A routine dental cleaning can clear out the stubborn bacterial plaque, tartar from the upper surface of the teeth. When bacteria accumulate on the wall of your teeth, they release acids, which is responsible for enamel decay. Enamel is the external layer of teeth that protects your teeth from external trauma. However, decay of enamel causes tooth sensitivity, it also makes your teeth fragile Decaying of teeth causes cavities, gingivitis, odour problem, and corrode teeth. 

To clean the plaque doctor uses an advanced scaling method to strip off the tarter and plaque. A routine dental check-up(two times a year at a 6-month interval) may easily prevent dental issues.

Wisdom teeth are difficult to reach and that makes them more susceptible to infection, consequent cavity. The presence of a cavity makes them more vulnerable to infection and gradual decay. But if you keep them on regular basis, they will stay healthy for a lifetime. Therefore, the doctor used to suggest a right-sized conventional toothbrush, an electric toothbrush, a medicated therapeutic toothbrush, and following regular teeth cleansing methods like scaling 

Even you can take the help of the best dentist in Sharjah to keep your wisdom teeth healthier. Making small changes in the teeth cleansing tool help you to properly clear your third molar teeth.

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