How to Begin A Home Sewing Business

Many people, especially stay-at-home moms, dream of being able to begin their own business from home. Those that already have a trade or skill are one step above the rest when it comes to determining what type of business to operate. Many moms have a skill, such as sewing, that they deem only as a hobby. Consider turning that hobby into profit and beginning a home sewing business.


1. Examine your sewing abilities.

* What type of sewing services can you offer?
* Do you have a variety of skills available to customers?

2. Determine if you have the proper equipment to operate your business.

* What equipment do you currently own and what equipment will you need to purchase?
* How much will additional equipment cost?

3. Check with city, county and state departments to determine if you need a business license to operate your home sewing business.

* How much money can you make before having a license?
* What do you need to do to obtain a tax exempt number so you can purchase supplies wholesale?

4. Decide how much time you have to put into your sewing business.

* How many hours each week will you devote to sewing?
* Will you be able to operate the business alone or will you hire help?

5. Create a list of approximate prices you will need to charge for your services.

* Research other sewing businesses and gain ideas from their pricing.
* Visit craft fairs and look for pricing of items comparable to your work.
* Ask close friends and relatives to make suggestions on fair pricing for the sewing jobs you complete.

6. Create a special location in your home your workspace.

* Place all items, equipment and supplies out of the way of normal home traffic where they can be damaged.

7. Devise a plan for attracting customers.

* Consider creating your own website.
* Ask local businesses about allowing you to place items and business cards in their shops.
* Sell items at craft fairs and pass out business cards.
* Advertise your business in the newspaper and on the radio.

8. Set up a separate checking account for your business. This will make it easier to track profit and expense.

9. Keep good records of expenses used to create items and the profits made. You will need these for income tax purposes.


Discuss all of the details about your home business with your family before you begin its operation. Everyone needs to understand that you are working and have a commitment to a job, even though you are staying at home. Work together to determine what hours will be set aside for your work.


Try to keep home and work separate although you are working from your home. It is very easy to become distracted from your work by the telephone, laundry and television. Do not let these things take your attention away from your business, which will result in lower profits.

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