How To Start A Home Based Videography Business

How To Start A Home Based Videography Business
By : JosephAlexander

Are you a person who loves to videotape events? If so, you can turn your love of being behind the camera into a full or part time income stream by starting your own videography business. This type of business can be very profitable and also very exciting. In fact, many videographers will say that there is never a dull minute in their business; after all, they are always attending events and getting a close up view of the action. This type of business can be very rewarding on a variety of different levels, but it does take some determination and effort on your part if you want to be successful. This business is usually run out of the home, at least in its early years, while you are establishing your reputation and building a client base.

Equipment Needed

The most important part of your videography business, other than your customers, is your equipment. For many would-be videographers, this is the biggest obstacle that faces them. Your regular camcorder is not going to be sufficient to make the types of videos that folks want you to produce for their weddings and other events. For this reason, the start up costs can be pretty steep. However, if you are a thrifty shopper and look for good deals on the equipment that you need then you can reduce your start up costs. At bare minimum, you will need a professional, high definition camera, a wireless microphone, a quality tripod, a shotgun microphone, and tapes, if your camera is the type that requires them. You will also need a business license, and you may need other permits; check with your local courthouse to find out what the requirements are to begin this type of business.

Promoting Your Videography Business

Now that you are ready to begin working, it is time to drum up some business. Begin by establishing your own logo, and having business cards made. Take out ads in your local newspapers, and make up fliers to distribute around town and on bulletin board in various places, including churches, community centers, and parks.

Another important part of getting clients is to launch a website. This is the best way to help those folks who are searching online for local videographers to find you. Your website can be as simple or complex as you want, but should include, at minimum, sample videos you have made, a contact form so that would-be clients can get in touch with you easily, a testimonials page, and a page that details your rates. Although it may be tempting to go with a free, template website, a custom website is a good investment in your growing videography business – so consider having a web designer do the work for you to maximize your exposure in the local and regional markets.

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  2. A home based business like videography is great for hobbyists and unconventional folks. I’ll personally suggest this also for students and as a part time business as well. Great post this is. Keep up the good work

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