6 Reasons For You To Switch From Electricity To Solar Power In Utah

Solar technology has existed since the 1950s, but it was difficult for people to accept it for regular use due to high installation costs. Thanks to technological advancement, now people can afford it as prices have slashed down a little. When buying the system for household purposes, you will notice that it is a one-time investment considering the fact that the equipment is expensive. It is suggested that you carefully look around for the best solar power company in Utah as it involves heavy investment, which should not get wasted on scams and lies.

Reasons why you should go for a solar panel in Utah

Utah gets ample sunlight throughout the day, and installing a solar panel is mainly the best way to utilize this natural resource. According to experts, Utah has great potential to adapt solar energy along with California and Nevada. It is also being said that by 2025, Utah is expecting at least 20% of RPS, which sounds great! Along with these facts, let us know why is it the right time for you to connect with a solar power company in Utah.

  1. Increase the value of your home

One of the big reasons why solar panel installation is a significant investment is that it increases the value of your house in the real estate market. According to research conducted by the US department, it is said that the value of your property may increase by $15,000, and that is not a small amount. If you plan to sell your home in future, you should also know that houses with advanced installed technologies sell faster. So, why don’t you switch to solar power already?

  1. Aids in saving the environment

Environmental concerns are rising day by day, and the only factor that can make a change is human effort. Many people these days have started shifting to ecological friendly gadgets and devices that help not only them but also the environment. So, if we can make a difference, why not work towards it and create a better future for our children and the upcoming generations. After all, we all plan to live without masks one day!

  1. Partial allowance for tax deduction

Utah Utility companies provide refunds to people who install solar panels in their home. You can claim up to $1250/kW if you draw electricity from Rocky Mountain Power along with a cap of $5.000, which is bigger than the average system of 5kW. At the same time, customers of Washington City Power can claim up to 1000kW along with a cap of $3000. Utah is also providing personal tax credit on the installation of the solar panel system, and these are just one of the few benefits you get.

  1. Saves a lot of your time

How can the installation of a solar panel save your time? Well, the answer to your query is that solar panels are a part of a one-time investment in your home. You won’t have to change it now and then; not only this, it does not involve any expensive upgrades or maintenance. Your solar panel system has the capacity to last 30 long years and probably the reason why it increases the value of your home while selling.

  1. Helps you stay independent of all the government grids

Once you change your electricity source, you set yourself free from centralized private or government grids working in the nation. When the demand is on the rise and supply becomes short, it is best to stay under the radar and go independent, which is the best solution for the long run. Consider adding a battery backup in order to enjoy independence for a longer time; it will surely help you out. With this method, you start saving power and store it for the time when your grid does work. We are sure it will feel great when you have energy independence and no one to answer to it.

  1. Saves your money too

Many people step back thinking about the cost of instalments and other charges that can be hefty in the pocket. Residential solar systems can take the benefit of buying a solar panel with zero down payment. Multiple solar power companies in Utah offer this scheme so, it eases your stress a bit. Not only this, but you also save yourself from the monthly hassle of paying electricity bills. By installing a solar panel in your home, you can save up to 95% on your bills.

It’s best to consult a solar power company in Utah to know more about the benefits and futuristic values of the technology. One thing assured that once you install it, you won’t have to worry about those sky-high bills anymore.


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