6 Signs that it is Time for Deck Repair

In the summer season, there is nothing better than heading outside to soak up the sunshine, enjoying with the family. Barbeque grill dinner with friends and socializing with your neighbors on the backyard deck. Many people wait all year round for enjoying these moments out on the backyard deck.

When your friends and guests come to your backyard but your deck is in poor condition.  It produces a limitation in warm weather fun. Some signs that require common deck repairs are noticeable and easy to understand. While others are harder to catch. Here are the top 6 signs that you should not avoid. And Deck Repair Cost Kingston RI suggests immediately taking it into consideration.

1. Wood is Soft to the Touch

Among all the usable wood types, timber is the most common. It is more durable and comfortable. But it has a weakness that is wood rot. Decks are especially susceptible to wood rot because they are open to the elements in the atmosphere. Wood-eating fungi are responsible for wood rotting. They require moisture for growing over wood and decay it to cause rotting. 

You should stay active and keep looking around the deck for any spot, change in color, or texture. If you see any such spot or change in color or you simply find a part that looks spongy. Then probably it is due to wood rotting. 

2. Boards Are Cracked, Broken, or Splintered

It is normal for a wood deck to suffer normal wear and tear over time. As time passes, your deck can lead to cracks, breaks, and even a splintery texture. Keeping a deck in these conditions in your outdoor space is not safe for barefoot. You may need to replace those cracked boards but it mainly depends on the condition of the deck. You may save some of them by simply flipping or sanding the cracked planks. 

Besides this, the boards can shrink over time. The shrinking of boards causes a wide gap between boards of a deck. 

3. There’s Water Pooling Around Footings

You can never compromise with the footings of your deck. As footings keep the deck in its place and your deck is standing on the footings. So, it is important to keep the footings stable, otherwise, the whole deck can fall.

Water collections in pools around footings are the major issue that needs to be solved before it causes some trouble. Grading and drainage problems are the most possible causes. A professional Repair Deck Kingston RI can maintain the situation. And they can help you to find the possible options to avoid such issues in the future.

4. Railings are Loose and Wobbly

Among all, it is most easy to check. The only thing you have to do is to grab a hold of failing and give it a strong shake. It should hardly move at all. But if it dies, then this is the matter to worry about. Sometimes railings are the only thing in between you and a big fall. Even if your deck is not at a long height to fall, a loose one can cause problems too. As people think they are strong enough to lay down on them.

Once again, wood rotting can be the reason for your problem. Wood rotting can lose the railings of your deck. Most likely your handyman has to replace these railings. But this problem has a bright side too. Replacing railings allows you to add some personality or luxuries. Like a bench around the boundary of the deck or simply a new style of railing.

5. The surface is Slimy or Caked With Dirt and Grime

In a time without proper cleaning, if your entire deck is surrounded by tiny leafy-stemmed flower plants. Or fungus that produces a superficial growth on organic matter, or algae all around the deck. In this case, that appearance of the deck would not be liked by anyone. However, there’s a lot of things to worry about other than the dirty appearance. 

If that dirt of the deck is not cleared in the initial stages it then causes great damage to the deck. Due to which their repair will be difficult and consume more time and money. But, if the deck is in good condition besides all that dirt it can be changed into a new one by professional pressure washing.

6. Paint or Stain is Chipped and Peeling

You may not like the peeling off of paint or stain. But you’ll simply hate it when you come to know that besides damaging the appearance. It also exposes your deck to the environmental elements that further damages it and make the conditions worse. 


In nutshell, Rotting boards, uneven railings, popping screws or nails, are very unattractive. Besides being unattractive, they can produce dangerous harm to you and your guests to navigate around. You should get these things to be maintained before it gets worse. 

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