7 Advantages of Having Residential Generators

In a typical residential area, a power outage can happen without notice. Some outages last for several hours, and others could last for days or weeks. Residential generators are valuable during all outages because they supply backup power around clock. In this guide, you’ll discover seven advantages that a generator provides during a power outage.

Lighting During a Short or Long Power Outage

Although flashlights and lanterns can brighten areas in a home while the power is out, they can’t totally illuminate every spot along with ceilings and in corners. A generator powers a home’s main electrical system and gives residents the ability to roam freely and safely upstairs and downstairs. It can activate lights in the

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen

No Food Spoilage

If you’re not sure whether or not you need a residential generator, you should buy one specifically for its ability to prevent food waste during a power outage. Following major storms, thousands of homeowners toss food in the trash when the lack of cool air makes meats, fruits, and vegetables spoil. The time that it takes for food to spoil varies depending on the conditions in an environment. However, there is a danger zone, and when food is in this zone, it begins to break down. According to experts, perishable food will spoil when its temperature is between 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you wire a generator to your home’s electrical system, all of your food will stay cool until power is restored.

Perks for a Home Office

Time is money in the business world, so a short or long power outage can impact anyone who runs a business in a home office. Without backup power, important business projects may be delayed, and this could lead to unhappy customers and lost sales. When there is a generator outside of a home, backup power activates immediately following an outage. However, in order to conduct business efficiently in a home office using backup power, a generator must have a maximum capacity that can support lighting and a variety of office devices.

Benefits for the Elderly

If someone in your family has mobility problems, a generator can be very beneficial. Mobility can make the process of maneuvering around a home challenging while a neighborhood has power. When the power is out, the level of difficulty increases because a senior will need additional accessories to light the way. The process of holding a flashlight or lantern while controlling a wheelchair or a pair of crutches isn’t easy, and this is why all seniors need reliable backup power from a generator.

Total Comfort in the Spring and Summer

When a home doesn’t have power in the spring and summer, heat levels will rise in every space. The only way to stay cool and comfortable in a home while the power is out is by circulating air. Depending on the temperature, you may be able to cool off by opening all of the windows or by activating multiple fans. However, these cooling methods are time-consuming. If you run your HVAC system using a backup generator, temperatures will drop throughout the entire home quickly.

Virus Protection in the Fall and Winter

Fall and winter power outages can impact everyone’s health if the temperature drops throughout the day and night. There are many viruses that attack the immune system following arctic storms, and if someone sneezes or coughs and touches objects indoors, the germs linger until all contaminated surfaces are disinfected with a strong cleanser.

If you install a generator outdoors, your heating equipment can provide protection against cold viruses, and everyone will stay comfortable throughout the day or night. A generator can power

  • An HVAC system
  • An electric heater
  • An electric blanket

Convenient Opportunities to Complete Daily Chores

When a power outage is long, it can delay daily chores. For example, until power is restored, laundry will pile up in the hamper, and dirty dishes will linger in the dishwasher. By using backup power, you can tackle chores using everyday appliances while following your regular schedule.

To take advantage of reliable backup power, you’ll need to buy a great generator. If you need a generator for a home in Australia, consider buying equipment from Generator Place.

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