How to Make Sweetened Condensed Coco Milk

sweetened condensed cocomilkSweetened condensed coco milk is usually used as beverage, sandwich spread, and coffee creamer. The produced sweetened condensed coco milk can be sold to neighbors and friends to make an extra income.

Raw Materials:

Grated coconut milk
Refined white sugar
Agar-agar or 1/4 bar gulaman


Mixing bowl/basin
Measuring cup
Plastic container
Measuring spoon
Wooden spatula
Double boiler

Procedure on how to make Sweetened Condensed Coco Milk:

Cream is extracted from the grated coconut meat by pressing. The “sapal” or residue added with proportional amount of water is extracted once more to obtain the skim milk (lower layer) by separating from its cream (upper layer) through gravity. One and a half parts sugar is mixed with 1 part skim milk and the remaining cream of the second extract is added to the first pure cream extract for purposes of producing oil. However, if there is no intention of processing oil from the cream, sugar is dissolved into the liquid after second extraction. The sugar mixture is cooked with continuous stirring for one hour in a double boiler. To thicken the mixture, agar-agar or 1/4 bar gulaman is added. The produced sweet condensed coco milk is poured in sterilized bottle and then sealed.

Source: Technology developed by: ITDI (DOST)

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