Know about the effects and remedies of Pitra Dosh in Kundali

If someone in the family dies in accidental death and it happens several times, Pitra Dosha is formed. It may also happen if family members in spiritual activities do not give their manes water and food or do not recall their manes. Pitra Dosha happens if no one in the family is engaged in spiritual tasks, or if a cow is killed or a child is murdered in the womb by a family member. Due to those planet’s malicious influence, indigenous people who have Pitra Dosh In Kundali are bound to suffer from all kinds of adversities, challenges, and difficulties in life. Also, because of the prevailing malicious planets in Pitra Dosha, the helpful planets in your Kundali do not give you any favorable results.

pitra dosh

It’s named Pitra Dosh when there is one of the two planets Rahu-Ketu and Sun or Moon, in one’s horoscope. If the ancestors’ shraddha were not done through proper ceremonies, our ancestors’ spirits would not find harmony. One of the ancestors’ evil behavior leads the family to become cursed, and this curse has to be ensured by the next generation.

Pitra Dosh Formation

Pitra dosh is formed if one’s ancestors/predecessors are not spared, or the sacred rites are incomplete. Pitru dosh in the horoscope will bring great misery in all realms of existence. This dosh of the horoscope can then be rectified by astrology as soon as possible.

Why the pitra dosh is formed?

There are many explanations for developing pitra dosh in the horoscope,

  • The Vedic astrology states that families in which women do not worship God and their ancestors are not earned Pitra Dosh.
  • The ancestors are considered to be inhabited by the peepal tree. It is also hipsis in such a situation to cut or disseminate uncleanness from a peepal tree.
  • If the person disrespects the other living kin following the father or mother’s death, even the ancestors feel hurt, causing Pitra Dosh In Kundali.

How will pitra dosh be identified?

  • If someone wishes to remove pitra dosh, they must first know how to recognize it or pitra dosh Lakshan, which helps them to remove it as best possible.
  • If a person’s life is continually deficient in wealth, Pitradosh can be found in his/her horoscope.
  • If a person in the house faces problems again and again in his/her marriage, Pitru dosh can have his/her horoscope.
  • In the family, still getting an aura of discord often points towards Pitra dosh.
  • If someone still lies sick in the house at all hours, the father can take precautions to ensure calm.
  • People suffering from pitra dosh typically live-in debt and cannot clear their debts against all attempts.
  • The family is suffering from a condition that leads the family to face financial difficulties.
  • Disputes between husband and wife

Pitra Dosh Remedies  

We need proper pitra dosh remedies to extract pitra dosh if a person suffers from it, and then he can conduct Shraddha on some Pitru Paksha to get rid of it. By doing this, ancestors were pleased with riches and happy life and blessed the human.

If a person has Pitra Dosh in his/her horoscope, some pitra dosh remedies are given below that are very effective in overcoming this dosh.

  • Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

The easiest way to read Pitrukshta is to read Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja. Pitrugan is still pleased with you if you do a daily recitation of Pitrukshta. If you can’t learn regularly, then try to take at least seven lessons with each Amavasya.

  • Trapandishradh

This Trapandhi Shradh can be done during the twelve days of Ashvin Month during Krishna Paksha by those natives who did not execute the Shradh on their forefathers’ death anniversaries. It is the time of Shradh, committed to serving our forefathers and our ancestors. A perfect way to please our ancestors and to reduce the influence of Pitra Dosha is Trapandi Shradh.

  • Shradh On Death Anniversary

Conduct Shradh on its anniversary of death and feed the people in need.

  • Offer Food to Brahmins

Every Amavasya should provide Brahmins with food to obtain their blessing.

  • Donate Food and Clothing to Those in Need

Offer the poor and the needy food and clothing. In temples or other religious places, you can even offer food.

  • Dosha Nivaran Mantra Chant Dosha

Chanting Pitra Dosha Nivarana Mantra may also mitigate Pitra Dosha’s effects.

  • Nivaran Puja Pitra Dosha

Use the Pandit to do Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja. In conjunction with the orbital location of the malignant planets, this puja should be conducted.

  • Offer Food to Animals

On the Amavasya or during Shradh, you can provide food to pigs, crows, dogs, and other road animals.

So, if you’re looking at ways to get rid of all these issues by eliminating Pitra Dosh In Kundali, you can then contact professional astrologers, who will provide you with the latest and most powerful pitra dosh nivaran upay to solve all your problems.

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