Astrology is a Science and Not Magic

There are certain people who look at horoscopes just to satisfy their own curiosities about life, about what may happen to them on that particular day. It is very rare to find them being particularly influenced by these pearls of wisdom. However, there are many others who do recognize that celestial positions can have significant influences on their lives, and modify their actions accordingly. 

astrology is a science

The second category of people intends to derive deeper meanings from horoscopes. If they would get the opportunity to interact with the best astrologer in India, they would certainly be keen on clearing their doubts with such a person. Many of the horoscopes in India tend to be biased towards positive occurrences in life, which may help to give comfort to a reader, but isn’t always true. There is a certainly reality to astrological predictions, but one must understand that they also come with a fair share of unpredictable circumstances. Vedic astrology is a science that is being practiced since the ancient times, and its principles still hold true despite all the changes visible around.

Science behind astrology

Several families in India like to take the help of a family astrologer with respect to different aspect of their lives. This is because a good astrologer is able to correctly interpret the meanings of the celestial positions in the sky with respect to life. Accurate predictions over time are what earn an astrologer reputation over time.

Celestial positions are used to either interpret events in the past or to make predictions about the future. Every person possesses a birth chart, each of which comprises of houses. Over the years, planets keep entering and exiting these houses, which has an effect on life-changing events such as marriage. Certain planets in the 5th or 7th houses, when linked with a strong Venus influence, result in a happy love marriage. The greatest happiness during married life can be obtain when planets like Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Moon support the birth chart.

Vedic astrology involves a number of complex mathematical calculations, along with the knowledge of astronomy. An astrologer is simply expected to accurately interpret what has already been determined before birth in the birth chart.

Astrology during medical problems

As explained above, every individual in the country does not follow the same belief in astrology as another. Despite this being true, Vedic astrology has been able to come up with solutions to many human problems, health being one of them. Most people are getting into a state where they now understand how fragile their lives are, in a COVID-infected world. Solutions for many of these problems can be implemented in time by following the horoscope.

Let us consider an individual’s horoscope which has mentioned that he is likely to have a heart attack at the age of 45. If such an individual is able to consult an astrologer at the age 25 or less, he will be in a position to take precautions. Such a person will always be alert for symptoms such as artery blockages due to cholesterol and high blood pressure, and will ensure that these are not taken lightly.

Getting rid of Manglik Dosha

There can be many reasons which may be held responsible for delays in marriage, or even problems among married couples. However, one of the most commonly observed problems is that of Manglik Dosha. ‘Manglik’ is the term for Mars, and ‘Dosha’ means fault. Mars as a planet radiated a lot of unpredictable energy which may either make life great or ruin it in many ways. When present in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house, there are high chances of discord in a marital relationship, or in establishing one. For this reason, astrologers advise Mangliks to choose only other Mangliks as partners, so that the harmful effects can be nullified. The problem also goes away if the Manglik individual is born on a Tuesday.            

Some of the different ways in which the best astrologers believe that the Manglik Dosha can be counteracted are as follows:

  1. Kumbh Vivaah
  2. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra
  3. Fasting every Tuesday
  4. Feeding lentils and jaggery to cows on Tuesday
  5. Wearing a silver bracelet on the left hand
  6. Sporting a copper-embedded coral gem or a silver ring
  7. Visiting the temple of Lord Karthikey or Lord Hanuman every Tuesday

Online astrology

These days, it is possible to obtain astrological services over the Internet as well. There are a number of websites which provide all the information after online registration, at a nominal fee. This is certainly more convenient for a large segment of the urban population. However, the astrologers available through contacts have proved to be more reliable in the long run. That’s the reason several Indians still give a lot of importance to actual astrologers as the most suitable contacts.

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