Three Things to Consider Before Decorating Your Home with A Ganesh Idol

There’s a common home decor item that can be seen in every Indian household which is the Ganesh idol. The statue of the elephant God is believed to eliminate all the obstacles from life. If placed in the right direction and in the right manner, the Ganesh statue or idol can eliminate all the negative energies from the house. It also brings an aesthetic appeal to the house, which further adds to the beauty of the place. Ideally, the Ganesh symbolizes joy, success, and happiness in life. People worship Lord Ganesh before starting out on a new endeavour in order to allow the elephant God to bless his devotees with fortune and prosperity. Therefore, the idol of Lord Ganesh holds a deeper meaning behind its image. Unfortunately, most people randomly buy idols for home decor, which yields no benefits in the long run. But, the idols are placed in the right manner, it can significantly add to improving the energy system of the place. There are a few things people should consider before buying the lord Ganesh idol for their home decor. Let’s take a look at the following:

Ganesh idol
  1. Place the Ganesh Properly 

Depending upon the materials used for making the Ganesh idol, it should be placed accordingly. For instance, if the Ganesh is made of brass material that brings joy and prosperity in the house, then it should be placed in the right direction. The ideal directions are south, east, and west. People should always avoid the northeast and northwest directions because it will attract negative results instead of positive ones. However, if the Ganesh is made of stone or marble, then it’s best to place them at the home entrance. Not only does it look gorgeous but also it provides some significant advantages too. But, make sure the back of the idol doesn’t face the room of that house. Otherwise, people will suffer from its negative impact. Once the Ganesh idol is placed at the entrance without its back facing the room, it brings good fortune to the house.

If the Ganesh is made of silver, then it’s best to place the statue in the northwest, southeast, or west direction. But, never place the statue in the southwest or south. Also, there is a golden Ganesh which should be placed in the east or north direction to yield its best results. Apart from that, people also buy Ganesh idols made of copper that needs to be placed in the south or east direction. This placement of Ganesh plays an important role in terms of deciding whether the idol will bring a positive impact or not. This is the reason why it’s important to be aware of these useful tips before you buy idols for home decor

2. Choose the Right Material 

There are a lot of materials used to make the Ganesh idols, including clay, metal, brass, gold, wood, and copper. Each of them serves unique benefits if placed properly. The Ganesh idol made of brass signifies prosperity and joy. If the idol is made of silver, it brings fame. But, the directions should be properly maintained to yield its positive output. The golden Ganesh is believed to yield prosperity and knowledge in the house.

If there’s a golden Ganesh placed in the right manner, it will signify the auspiciousness and wealth of the house. Energy attracts intelligence, wealth, and power when placed in the right manner. Also, there’s copper Ganesh that eliminates sorrow from people’s lives. The Ganesh made of wood helps to bring success and health whilst the clay Ganesh helps to remove obstacles from life. So, it’s important to choose the right materials for the Ganesh when buying the idols. 

3. The Structure of the Ganesh

The position of the statue, including its trunk position, direction, and colour plays a significant role in determining the impact of the idol on that house. There are several colouring options for Ganesh idols, but this also depends on its materials. However, if people are seeking peace, happiness, and prosperity in their life, then they should consider the Ganesh with a white hue. But, if people are considering self-growth, then the Ganesh with a vermilion colour is the best choice. Also, the posture of the idol plays a crucial role. If anyone is considering buying the idol for worshiping purposes, then the Ganesh idol should be in a sitting position.

According to the Vastu experts, the Ganesh represents a composed and calm demeanour when it’s in a sitting position. When the Ganesh is in a reclining position, then it symbolizes comfort, luxury, and wealth. Depending upon one’s own desire, the structure of the idol should be chosen. Also, the position of the trunk serves an important role. In the Ganesh idols that are made for home decor, the position of the trunk should always point to the left. 

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