Jesus’ Monument: 9 Amazing Facts You Need to Know About Cristo Redentor

If you’re planning to visit Brazil, you should include the Christ the Redeemer statue on your list. Why? Well, the answer is its fascinating history! This monument is located at the peak of Rio de Janeiro’s Corcovado Mountain; it has become the gem of Brazil and is known to be one of the best artworks in the world. 

If you still have second thoughts about this remarkable statue, I’m going to drop some unbelievable Christ the Redeemer facts that will surely erase the doubts that hinder you from visiting this place. 

The Simplest Way to Reach Christ the Redeemer

Tourists have different ways of reaching their desired spot; if you’re one of those who don’t love mountain trekking, you can still reach Christ the Redeemer by railroad commonly known as Corcovado Rack Railway. The Corcovado Train in Rio De Janeiro starts in Cosme Velho and ends at Corcovado Mountain’s peak with a length of 710 m. 

The Christ the Redeemer Has Escalators And Elevators

Before, visitors had to go through 200 steps to arrive at the base of the monument, but today, they can reach it easily through using elevators and escalators. They began constructing it in 2002 and made it functional in 2003 for the benefit of their visitors. 

The Monument’s Design Is Not The Same As The Original Sketch

The Cristo Redentor we have today is not the same as the original plan. The first design was made by Heitor da Silva Costa, and then Paul Landowski did the work; his initial sketch was Christ facing the rising sun while carrying a globe and cross in both hands. 

Heitor da Silva Costa’s design won and was called “Christ with a ball.” However, the sketch was changed into a Christ with open arms because Heitor da Silva Costa consulted a Brazilian artist named Carlos Oswald and evaluated Corcovado’s several points.

How Much Did It Cost to Build Cristo Redentor?

The statue is clearly enormous, I know, so it’s without a doubt that it also costs a lot of money. During its construction in the 1900s, the estimated cost stretched to $250,000; this is equivalent to $4,000,000 in today’s money. 

Materials Of The Statue

Cristo Redentor’s materials were mostly from Brazil, but the head and hands parts of the statue were sourced from France and were only brought to Rio de Janeiro. The icon was made with reinforced concrete, and the outer part is covered with 6 million soaprock tiles. People believed that the workers behind these tiles inscribed notes at the back of the soapstone material; thus, this magnificent landmark is filled with hidden messages. 

It’s Included In The World’s Seven New Wonders

One of the reasons you should visit the monument is that it’s included in the list of the World’s Seven New Wonders. In the year 2000, a Swiss foundation started a campaign to determine the World’s Seven New Wonders since only one contender remains today out of the seven entrants. 

There are 21 entries on the list, and more than 100 million people participated in the voting for the World’s Seven New Wonders. Luckily, Cristo Redentor is one of the luckiest landmarks chosen by people. 

The First Man to Take a Picture on Top of The Statue’s Head

Bloggers, especially those whose contents are about traveling, will surely do everything to get the best videos of their desired location. I know you’re questioning if someone got the chance to reach the pinnacle of the statue and to stop you from wondering, the answer is yes! Lee Thompson, a blogger of a UK- based travel company, took a selfie on top of the Statue’s head without fear. But of course, the blogger asked permission to the authorities. 

The Christ the Redeemer’s Base Has a Small Chapel

The authorities decided to construct a small chapel at the base of the monument to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2006. If you’re planning to get married outside the country, then include Cristo Redentor on your list. The place is limited to a small number of visitors, which is an excellent choice for those who want small private weddings. 

Almost 2 Million Tourists Visit Christ the Redeemer

Aside from the fact that this landmark has a fascinating view and is one of the Recent Seven Wonders of the World, this is also rich in history. Almost 2 million visitors visit the place every year; the entrance fee for every person costs $25. 

Add Cristo Redentor To Your Bucketlist

The things you’ve read above are just a few of the fascinating facts about Christ the Redeemer statue, if you’re aiming to learn more about this place, get rid of your second thoughts and start writing this travel spot on your bucket list now. Fall in love not just with the structure, but also with its historical background! 

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