Six Steps to Find the Right and Best Astrologer for Your Problem

Just like you pick a health professional or doctor for your health problems, you should pick an astrologer with complete care and concern. After all, these are some aspects where making the right choice is key to making your life easier.


An astrologer is a type of a consultant that offers advice regarding your star signs, how the astronomy is affecting you and providing guidance on whether you are seeking a cure for a certain issue or are looking to know about your star signs to make the right decisions ahead in your life. When you are looking for the best astrologer in USA, or wherever you are, it is important to know certain things as we have detailed below:

Know Why You Are Looking for an Astrologer

It is important to ascertain that an astrologer is the best possible solution for your specific requirements. When you don’t know much about astrology, it can become difficult to find the right astrologer, thereby having some basic knowledge of it will be really helpful. Know that there are certain aspects to astrology and certain areas that it coves and you have to know that the issue you are facing comes within those boundaries and so looking for an astrologer is what best meets your needs.

Know What Type of Astrologer is Best Suited for You

Astrology has different types and traditions, and knowing this is important for you. With different types, we mean different applications of the subject to different human aspects and behaviors. Different astrology traditions mean the astrology facets that belong to a certain time period and area and geographical eras, and so each comes with a particular approach and technique. Even if you are not aware of anything like this, consulting a reliable professional will help you decide what type and tradition of astrology fit you best. Some different types of astrology that you should have a basic idea about to pick the astrologer include:

  • Forecasting or Predictive Astrology
  • Natal Astrology
  • Medical Astrology
  • Relationship Astrology
  • Financial Astrology
  • Vedic astrology
  • Traditional Astrology
  • Modern Astrology
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Chinese Astrology
  • And much more

Are You Comfortable with Face-to-Face Consultation or Online Astrology?

You also have to define whether you are looking for something that is local or having an astrologer that is long-distance is also okay for you? If you want to go with long-distance, look at what medium they provide their consultation through – call (voice or video), chats, online meeting, or else? Look at whether they provide additional services too like video recordings, references to read, and anything else that can be of help to you.

Define Your Expectations from the Astrology Consultation

Define what you are looking to get from the astrologer as a solution. What outcome or result do you want? Or you are looking for an astrologer to tell what they can tell about you and how you can plan your life and things ahead? This is something that you have to communicate early to the astrologer, and this will help you two get on the same page and find the right solution. Detailing them on what basic understanding you have about astrology will help them provide or tell certain things to you with ease. 

Know the Astrologer is Legitimate

Just like any other field, there are fakes and spams in every field. And so you will have to work through this and ascertain that whom you are consulting is not a fake one but a reliable name in the field. Look at how the person present themselves; do they call themselves as an astrologer or something else like a palm reader or a psychic (as this is different to astrology), do they provide input on for how long they have been studying or practicing in this field, do they provide details on what educational background or qualification they hold, are they a member of an astrological organization, do they have a referral from other astrologers?

Knowing about these things will help you know about them a bit better. For online astrologers, researching about their previous clients, talking to them, and looking at online reviews and testimonials will help a lot.

Enquire About the Services

When you have zeroed in on an astrologer, look at what services they offer. An astrologer that is an expert in the type of astrology you are looking for will help provide genuine and dependable solutions to your issues. This way, you will determine you are in consultation with the right person.

Make sure that you do your homework and market research, have a great listening ability (a virtue that defines quality), and also ensure how they provide consultation and how long each session is going to be. When you are looking for the best astrologer in USA, or elsewhere, check the packages pertaining to each session or for the entire consultation service.

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