Top 10 Ideas for Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

When starting a small business, you might want to put your best efforts into building your marketing strategy. You might want to get noticed by the customers, and for that, you must have a robust approach so that when you launch something into the market, it strikes the attention of the potential customers.

Small Business Marketing Strategy

Have you noticed ads popping up on the browsers saying, the best edible Electro Mart products, etc.? This is a way of marketing and bringing your business to the general public.

For transforming your business (small or large) to multiple platforms where you meet potential clients, you must put some effort into your marketing game. And if you want to know some marketing ideas, you have come to the right place, as we will be sharing some of the best business marketing ideas:

1. Turn your Business cards into Lead Magnets: 

How to turn business cards into lead magnets that attract everybody?

Well, there is just a bit of effort required to do so. Please don’t make your business cards a simple blank card with a flawed color scheme and the worst font style with only contact information on it.

Make it more appealing, use an aesthetic color scheme or the one you think will be admired by the customer with a beautiful font printed on it telling brief details of your business or company.

OK, that’s not the end, at the back of the card show you free offers, or a link to a free e-book, some short course, or anything you want to offer your customers.

In this way, your card will undoubtedly not end up in the trash can of some street, people will keep it safe and might want to look for other cards giving something else in the free package!

2. Send out a Monthly Newsletter:

Sending your printed monthly newsletter at the doorsteps of your potential clients and some random people is just the best way of making them look in your small business.

It is not necessary to make the newsletter a 30 pages magazine with lush colors, and unimportant details, something simple will do the job. In this way, you will be able to create a powerful impression on your clients.

3. Start a Local Meet-up Group:

Creating a meet-up group is the right way of having a healthy relationship with people who are interested in your business. If you don’t know how to start a meet-up group, you can get some help from meetup.com.

You can organize free workshops or some short courses for your customers that can be on topics that are related or admired by the customers.

4. Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Social media is the latest and vastly growing trend these days, so if you choose social media for the marketing of your small business, there is no better option, and there is no chance that your advertising strategy will go down.

There are many social media apps that you can use to advertise your products, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. 

You should promote your business and products, and it should be your only aim.

5. Write a Book:

Writing a book on your business, products, company, staff, and everything related to your business in some way. You can use professional publishing but if you want to do self-publishing that is OK too.

A hard copy of your book that can be purchased from major online markets or apps like amazon can be the right way of bringing your book, your business, and yourself into the marketing world.

6. Write a Blog:

Writing a blog is the best alternative to writing a book, and there is no need for publishing it. You can upload it online, and the majority of people can read your blogs via multiple online platforms.

You must have a website where you can blog daily or twice every week, to keep your clients updated about the products. Starting a business, and not advertising it through blogging is a huge mistake!

7. Create a Joint Venture Relationship:

Create a joint venture with some other marketer who may or may not be a novice. In joint ventures, both the parties work side by side to gain something that benefits both of them. They can be working to achieve the same target or different, but it must be profitable to both.

You can change the marketing game overnight if you have the best partner and your efforts are jointly directed towards success. There is no disadvantage of grouping-up with people who share the same goals, and aims just like you, so far. 

8. Build a List and send out Direct Mail:

We live in a digitally-cultured-society, but that does not mean that printing is dead or non-acceptable. It still holds significance, and you must use printing methods along with the online techniques for promoting your business.

Building a list, and sending postcards, emails, thank you letters, sales letters to your potential customers is the right way of building trust and showing interest.

9. Send Your Customers a Birthday Card:

Well, this is the most incredible marketing idea that works in seconds. Birthdays are important, and everyone has a birthday! Remembering your customers on their big days and sending them beautiful cards handmade or printed is the best way of winning the hearts of your customers.

You can send birthday cards to your favorite or potential clients but believe me, it will make a massive difference if you send them to all of your customers, and boom they are never going to leave your brand!

10. Start a Referral Program:

You can easily earn customers if your customers recommend you to friends and family. And it is one of the speediest ways of increasing your customers and the reach of your small business. 

You can also know if your present customers like your products and if they will visit again because only if they are satisfied by the service, will they refer you to other people around them. So, it is an easy way of getting customer feedback without even asking for feedback!

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