The Rise of No-Code Development Platforms


2020 was a pivotal year globally for many reasons and proved the role of technology in our world and beyond. In the first month of 2021, many of last year’s worldwide challenges still exist and we see an intersection of exponential demand on technology combined with dramatic shortages in IT professionals compared with the number of technical jobs available. The outcome of this is pressure of all kinds on tech professionals from IT teams tasked with keeping things running remotely, urgently updating systems for off-site security, and still achieving standard organizational goals.

When the market is so stretched, it’s no surprise then that many companies are starting to look for solutions that benefit all stakeholders. The leading tech for this takes the form of development platforms that require little or no prior developer knowledge to help projects get over the line more quickly while also freeing up resources including time and budgets. The standout for companies that have limited money to spend and need simple applications are No-Code Development Platforms.

With the epoch of No Code, we see an agile, cost-effective and efficient development solution that frees up IT team members with ‘citizen developers’ able to use these simple platforms to build industry-ready apps. From customer service to human resources, the kinds of apps produced can be used widely with the development interface consisting of drag-and-drop components that are incredibly user friendly prompting many experts to look to this tech to solve IT skill shortages. Declan Healey writes for Codebots, “In an age where the demand for software far exceeds the supply of coders, no-code development tools are helping an increasing number of organisations escape the software developer skills shortage.” The rapid uptake in these platforms indicates the significance of this tech for the short-term and long-term so it’s no surprise major multinationals like Google are also investing in this space.

To delve into this topic further including a comparison between No-Code and Low-Code, check out the infographic guide from TeamKonnect below.

no-code development platforms

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