How to Turn House Cleaning into a Workout

In this graphic from HappyCleans we look at how cleaning can form part of a healthy lifestyle. It goes through how it can be a bit of a workout and when you learn how many calories you burn as you clean, it may encourage you to do it more regularly.

For example, cleaning windows is a task very few enjoy doing but it burns around 180 calories in just an hour. If you spent even a morning cleaning the windows, it would be a serious workout. Say you spent 3 hours making the windows look like new, you would burn 540 calories!

If you have 30 minutes, mowing the lawn is a very good workout. It’s nice to keep on top of things in the garden and making the grass look great will burn 185 calories. If you want to really get to work, more general gardening and weeding burns 288 calories an hour which is amazing.

Hopefully this graphic will encourage you to clean a bit more often as you’re going to get fit if you do it enough. Enjoy the infographic!

How to Turn House Cleaning into a Workout 1

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