Tips to Find a Reliable Astrologer in India

In today’s digital age, it is very easy to find everything you need online, even astrologers. However, with so many businesses and service providers, it can get complicated to find the genuine ones. Not everyone that promises to be an astrology expert is authentic or understand the sacred science of astrology.

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The world of web is filled with these imposters who are in this only to make money and not to help desperate people. Having said, the ultimate question still remains unanswered–how to find a reliable astrologer online?

Well, it is not as difficult as it seems. With the right approach and guidance, you will be able to find a genuine astrologer that you can consult from the comforts of your home.

So, here are the expert tips shared by the top astrologer in India so that you can find a genuine astrologer who can help you get out of the rut.


The first and the most important thing you need to check about an astrologer before sharing your personal information is their experience. It is critical to only trust an expert who has been doing this for a while and understands the complex science of astrology.

Without the requisite experience experience in horoscope reading, they will not be able to give you accurate advice and also end up misguiding you. The only person who can decode what the planets and their position want to say about your future is a trained and experienced astrologer.


If an astrologer is indeed worth their salt, then they would have a certain reputation in the market. They are truly aware and gifted when it comes to reading the planets and their signs. As a result, they earn a certain amount of respect as well as a name in the industry. You should always work with an astrologer is well-respected by not just its clients but also its peers in the community. 


A genuine astrologer who has been in this for a long time and holds a reputation would make their clients emotionally comfortable before starting the session. They are also good listeners and motivate their clients to share what they think and feel. Probing is a great technique to break the ice and get you to talk with the astrologer. Anyone who cuts straight to the chase or instils fear in you should not be trusted. Only trust an astrologer who has a solution to your problem doesn’t overplay it just to extract more money from you.

Likeable personality

You must always look for astrologers who have a cheerful personality and a caring nature. You may be in a lot of stress when you reach out to these experts. So, when you meet someone who patiently listens to your concerns and promises to help you, you are able to let go of your fears and tell them your worries more honestly.

Blind claims

You will find many astrologers online who promise you heaven and earth just to gain your business. A real astrologer, however, will never make such tall promises that he cannot keep. A good astrologer would first analyse your horoscope and honestly reveal what’s written in your destiny. They also work with you to come up with actionable remedies that you can follow diligently and bring positivity in your life.

Client satisfaction

No matter what they say, the only thing that sells online is genuine reviews. You must read through as many as possible to ensure that the astrologer has a reasonable client satisfaction rate. A genuine astrologer has a stellar track record satisfied clients which speaks volumes about their expertise.

Therefore, you must look for an astrologer that has years of experience and legion of satisfied customers who vouch for their ability.

So, be sure to factor in all the above mentioned parameters before hiring an astrologer online. Research them carefully and look for reviews as well as testimonials from previous clients.

Your astrologer, ultimately, should be an experienced expert who holds immaculate knowledge of the Vedic science and astrology. They should have a friendly demeanour and a pleasing personality so that you can easily open up with them. These factors play a huge role in making the astrologer more trustworthy.

But most importantly, the remedies suggested by them should have the potential to bring a positive change to your life. Therefore, in your quest for the best astrologer online, you should keep all the aforementioned points in mind.

With so many rumours about whether to trust an astrologer or not, finding the right one can be an enlightening experience for those who have a hard time believing in its power. This is the reason it absolutely necessary that you trust no one but a genuine astrologer to make this a wholesome journey.

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