Choosing the Right Alarm Monitoring System

As a small business owner, leaving valuable assets such as customer data, computers, registers, and inventory unprotected at night or during off-hours is a risk that creates many worst-case scenarios in the owner’s mind. To obtain and maintain asset security, many people install an alarm monitoring system that serves as the business’ first line of defense from unfortunate events such as a robbery. Many companies in the market offer different alarm monitoring systems that cater to the specific needs of a business. 

Types of Business Security Systems

Every business has their own different requirements when it comes to security. For example, a jewelry store will have a more comprehensive security system compared to a bakery. Furthermore, a security company offers a wide range of services that a business owner could choose from. These include: 

Video Surveillance

The ability to monitor the vicinity of your business via a live stream provides the owner with a bird’s eye view of the operations from a security vantage point. Through the use of a Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) system, one could keep track of employee and customer activity as well as the business premises.

Criminals who have targeted a particular shop and see the “monitored by CCTV” sign are more likely to cancel their plans because these video surveillance equipment can record all movement, which would provide the owner with undeniable proof of a crime. 

Fire Alarm

A fire alarm system works at detecting any sign of smoke and immediately informs all occupants of the potential danger at hand. As an added countermeasure, a fire alarm system could be programmed to trigger an automated fire suppression system such as the sprinklers, which would limit the level of damage on business assets. 

Security Alarm

Examples of a security alarm system are motion sensors, window sensors, and glass break detectors that protect a business by keeping intruders or thieves deterred. 

Access Control

Technology has allowed businesses to take some added security measures through access control systems. By regulating the number of personnel that are authorized to enter a particular room through the use of access key panels, the assets being protected can be accessed only by the right people. 

Remote Monitoring

With convenience and efficiency in mind, certain alarm monitoring systems can now be accessed remotely, which provides the business owner with an update of his or her business without having to be physically present. 

The Process of Choosing an Alarm Monitoring System Company

Because security is of high importance, any business owner must do due diligence when choosing an alarm monitoring system. 

  1. Take note of the business’ security needs and requirements. 
  2. Ensure that the security company is licensed and meets state or federal standards.
  3. Inquire on the initial process of the company. A reputable alarm company should conduct a survey of the premises and assess and recommend a specific alarm system or equipment based on their finding. 
  4. Ensure that the system will not be connected to the main phone line because this is the first thing that is cut during a robbery. 
  5. The system should allow the owner to monitor all entrances and exits, even any unconventional spaces that could be considered by a criminal. 
  6. Inquire if the training to navigate the system will be provided by the company. 

The capacity and capabilities of an alarm monitoring system and the ease of choosing a company to provide the required services are some of the benefits business owners today can indulge in. Big or small, all types of businesses opt to allocate the needed funds on a monitoring system because of the more significant savings that could be incurred in the future. 

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