Seven Types of Plywood You Should Know About Before Picking one for Your Project

Plywood is used in many construction projects, from residential to commercial, from building cabinetry to gazebo and much more.

However, shopping for plywood isn’t a simple and easy project as it may seem when you are starting a new construction work at your place. From finding different materials, ply, veneers, sizes, grades, and much more, the options you can get at the store may overwhelm you. When you are looking for best plywood company in India, and anywhere else, make sure that you weigh in your options, study them completely, and research thoroughly to get the best solution.

types of plywood

What is Ply?

Ply denotes the layers used to create boards of different thicknesses. There are some options that are thick while some are not, all tending to different construction needs. The layers of the ply are known as wood veneers. These are the veneers that are glued together to achieve a different number of plies. And after that, the finished product you get is the plywood.

Types of Plywood

Plywood comes in various types, and without knowing about them and the differences will make you unsure about which one is specific and beneficial to what project and what should you choose pertaining to your project needs. Thereby, the below guide on different types of plywood will help you pick the right one specific to your requirements:

  1. Softwood

It is the type of plywood that is made using softwoods including pine, cedar, and redwood. While with the name, you may be in the notion that these aren’t strong, but it isn’t right for softwoods. In fact, softwoods are usually used for making roof sheathing, exterior frame sheathing, and sub-flooring. This is also used to make temporary floorings, sheds, shelving and doghouses, and much more.

  • Hardwood

This plywood refers to those which have between 3 to 7 layers and is made using hardwoods like walnut, maple, birch, oak, and more. This plywood is created using different layers of wood that are glued at different angles. This plywood is used to make items that need strong frames like furniture, musical instruments, packing cases, sporting items, and much more.

  • Exterior

This type of plywood is made by fusing veneers together with using water-resistant and weather-resistant glue. As the name suggests, this type of plywood is about creating a strong sturdy frame that is ideal to withstand exterior elements like rain, wind and so. This type of plywood is typically multi-ply, and this can be made using different types of woods most common being oak.

  • Marine Grade

Marine-grade is strong plywood that provides various benefits to the users for different kinds of construction projects. This plywood is also used in boats because of its waterproof properties. It is made using water-resistant exterior glue. Marine-grade plywood doesn’t also cause issues like rot and decay. The right marine grade plywood is one that doesn’t have any knotholes in the plies and must be developed using the finest grade water-resistant glues. You can use marine-grade plywood in making gazebos, outdoor furniture, benches, planter boxes, and much more.

  • Aircraft

This type of plywood is also fine grade plywood that is used in projects including boats, airplanes, and furniture types that are means to hold heavyweight. This type of plywood is used to make birch, mahogany, and so that ensures that manufacturers are able to achieve a strong finished piece that also has properties of moisture and heat resistance.

  • Lumber Core

This plywood is made using three plies having a thick core and two thin veneers on the sides. The core is wood strips that are glued into a solid slab, and the outer thick veneers are created using hardwood. The different core structure is what makes this type of plywood ideal to be used for projects that require strong screw hold.

  • Overlaid Plywood

Overlaid plywood is one that is developed using regular sheets of the same structure having veneers that are glued to one another. This type of plywood can be either medium density or high density, both of which pertain to different structural purpose requirements. The overlaid finish provides it a finished look.

The exterior provides the panels with a durable surface that has the capacity to resist water and other particles. Overlaid plywood comes with coatings that are able to keep it safe from any scratches and abrasions. Medium-density panels come with more resin than the high-density panels. While both may seem different, these are used in about the same types of construction projects.

Depending on your requirements, you can use the right type of plywood by picking from the above-mentioned ones. When you are looking for the best plywood company in India or anywhere else make sure that you do your research thoroughly and get the right plywood to give your construction or development project the right finish.

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