Commercial Plywood And Its Uses

Large amounts of commercial plywood are produced to prepare furniture every year in India. In fact, it is the single largest use of plywood in the country. Most of the wooden décor witnessed in several homes and furniture in different parts of India are usually not wood, but plywood. Contractors use this material as it is a much cheaper alternative to solid wood, despite providing the same finish.

commercial plywood

It is not very difficult to make the appearance of finished products made using plywood similar to wood. The top commercial plywood manufacturers stand out because they are able to create gorgeous products such as tables from plywood, and can apply hardwood, softwood, and other finishes to them. Several hours are being spent every day in homes and offices where these furniture items are present, and so people are looking at furniture much more option than they ever had before. When children move out of their parents’ homes and then get married to settle elsewhere, they again have to buy furniture. It would really benefit them to know about plywood.

How plywood can be made to look like wood

The quality of veneer is responsible for determining the final finish that will be seen on plywood. One has to apply paint to it for a look similar to wood. Professionals working at top plywood companies in India can perform this task. It is true that the quality of wood determines the ultimate quality of plywood.

Why is there a high demand for plywood today?

  • Tremendous urbanization over the years
  • Large number of real estate companies in the market
  • Disposable incomes being available 
  • Plywood demonstrates high resistance to moisture and damp conditions. Unfortunately, the material is not waterproof.
  • Western culture influencing different parts of the world
  • It comes with waterproof glue, enabling to withstand all kinds of weather
  • Highly economical option
  • Several design options to choose from
  • Enhanced furniture distribution networks around the world

Choose good quality of plywood

One has to be familiar with plywood to understand its quality by simply looking at it. The best way to choose a company for this purpose is to search for the ISI mark on the plywood, which helps to provide peace of mind through quality assurance. Material collected from any well-known plywood company will always have this mark. Although one may find cheaper options in the market, most of them would be without the coveted ISI mark. A trained eye would easily be able to make out the inferior quality. Also, plywood uses much lesser timber than in comparison to the same requirement for natural wood.

The best commercial plywood manufacturers would deploy a number of techniques to test the following characteristics of plywood:

One need not worry about the quality standards at the best companies, since they will always be high. They work with highly experienced and qualified quality controllers who carefully inspect all products in an unbiased manner. Their job is essential for sending products free of defects to customers.

Different uses of commercial plywood

  1. Commercial plywood is highly recognized for its wear and tear resistance as well as flexibility, which allow it to produce various designs easily
  2. It is highly popular for interior designing in homes
  3. The most common applications of plywood are furniture, bookshelves, and hanging lights. Wall mounted cabinets, kitchen rooftops, doors, file cabinets, and tables can be made using it.
  4. Several applications can be prepared using this material due to its large scope
  5. While being cost effective, it also does not compromise on quality, in comparison to its counterparts
  6. It is able to substitute conventional elements of design such as synthetic paints, cement, metals, tiles, and others
  7. Commercial plywood has a massive amount of internal strength, which explains its popularity in the domestic market
  8. The use of commercial plywood prolongs the life of furniture
  9. It is possible to build safe storage facilities using commercial plywood
  10. It can also be used for flooring and roofing applications

Various types of plywood

  1. Softwood
  2. Hardwood
  3. Marine
  4. Flexible
  5. Tropical

Store the extra plywood

A lot of construction is done at own homes over the years. In many cases, it results in a lot of plywood being left over; do not be tempted to throw it away. It may not be of use at that time, but could be extremely helpful at a later date. One should keep the extra plywood away in the lofts and the attics. For example, plywood left over from windows can easily be used to prepare study tables. Recycling and using this material are truly the best policy.

The market for commercial plywood has expanded tremendously over the years. Customers today have the opportunity to choose from several materials and companies.

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