Entrepreneurship Amidst COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities

COVID-19 continues to impact businesses in several ways. Some lucrative Industries have been labelled as non-essential, customer priorities have taken a turn, and the implementations of lockdowns have greatly hindered economic activity.

Currently, the world is facing one of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, and now you may be wondering what lies ahead for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The good news is entrepreneurs have found different ways to adapt to the new normal. Despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the new environment has caused a surge of innovation and creativity. Many have fully embraced a remote working setup, most have started to build an online presence, and some have even acquired SMS services for small businesses.

Thinking outside the box, keeping an open mind, and staying agile will ensure business continuity amidst the outbreak. Having a firm grasp of the situation and knowing how to respond will allow you to navigate through the health crisis with ease. To get you started, the guide below will discuss the challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs are facing during the pandemic.

Entrepreneurship Amidst COVID-19

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