How AI can Improve Customer Experience?

We know that artificial intelligence has taken over every other business, and AI programs and services have already started transforming the market. While AI and automation are being used to save time and money, there is yet another area where the scope of the technology has been recognized, and it is none other than customer experience.

improve customer experience

Most of the organizations nowadays use AI for Customer Experience as they are much focused on providing a better customer experience. We all know that good customer experience comes with improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. The first step to provide an outstanding customer experience is to understand your customers in a better way, and no other technology except artificial intelligence (AI) helps to accelerate the required understanding. So, keeping this in mind, let us discuss a few ways AI can actually improve the customer experience.

Customer Support with Chatbot

Customer care executives are bound to take a huge number of customers calls on a daily basis. Besides this, they are also pressurized to reduce the average call duration for every customer by providing them with quick support and solution. But with chatbots, things are at ease, as it has been designed to address the above challenges. Chatbots not only reduces the work pressure of customer care executives by attending a high frequency of customer queries but also provide quick resolutions with human-like behaviour and the highest accuracy. Even a recent report has confirmed that by the end of 2020, chatbots will take over more than 85% of customer interactions, which were earlier managed by humans.

New Avenues of Personalized Experiences

Recent research confirmed that around 71% of the customers would like to have the ability to resolve their issues by themselves. And AI is already helping the customers to find what they need and solve issues more efficiently. Also, Artificial Intelligence plays a major role in determining the customer’s requirements by analyzing their data and ultimately recommend products to them based on their browsing/buying preferences. We have already seen the technology being used on online retail platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

24×7 support

Customers expect service from a brand when they need it the most. This requires 24×7 brand availability throughout the year for assisting customers, which is, of course, not possible when things are controlled by humans. Agents may ask for sick leaves or casual leaves when they cannot resume their work, and this will certainly affect the business. But these challenges have been successfully marked with automated customer service. The automated customer service will make sure that the query/issue raised by a customer is resolved in minimum time without making customers wait for long periods to get a response. This will certainly increase customer loyalty and will improve the brand reputation too.

Improved Customer Interactions

Humans can save a lot of time using AI-augmented messaging and AI email tagging. Chatbots helps agents to handle the high frequency of customer queries, while AI email tagging uses AI-powered programs to scan the customer emails and send them to the required office. This ultimately helps agents save time and focus on the tasks which cannot be completed without the involvement of humans.

AI-enabled Customer Analytics

A great customer experience is achieved when a business remembers a customer and treats them with attention, respect and consideration throughout their unique customer journey.

Mining insights across billions of unique customer journeys using traditional analytics methods and tools is a laborious and slow process, and it ultimately tends to confine its usage to a small set of pre-defined problems.

The power of AI-enabled customer journey analytics is that it can sift through a much larger and more complex data space thereby uncovering many more business opportunities. AI-enabled customer journey analytics is capable of uncovering even such opportunities that you may not realize to look for. As a result, you can spend your time prioritizing these insights instead of hammering away at the underlying data.

AI-enabled customer journey analytics finds every single relationship in the data that exists without being specifically told to search for it. Also, it can forecast the probability of potential actions high precision while simultaneously finding the drivers and customer performance inhibitors.

Final Take

In this blog post, we have discussed a few ways AI can improve the customer experience and that how technology has eased things for the customer care executives. We also shed the light on how AI helps businesses understand their customer’s needs and fulfill them in the most efficient way. The objective of using AI is not only to improve the customer experience but to make sure that the customer feels known and valued.

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