HR of the Future: 10 Skills You Should Have to Stay Competitive in 2022

The World Economic Forum calls the current era as the Fourth Industrial Revolution when automation is changing the workplace. In this period, companies are tapping the power of advanced technology to take repetitive tasks off the human hands to make work faster.

Because of the shift, employers and employees are bent on staying competitive by adopting a culture where machine learning technologies are complemented by creative thinking and emotional intelligence.  These two, which are considered skills of the future, are essential skills that allow workers to perform tasks that machines cannot.

They’re also relevant in any industry or discipline, including HR, which has a critical role to play within every organization. Since HR is a people-oriented type of job, recruiters need to master skills that not only help them in their hiring tasks but also enable them to make employees happy.

As such, HR teams are focusing on soft skills, conflict resolution, and other people management skills to promote a thriving work environment for employees.

You can learn more about trends in hiring and HR skills development from the following infographic.

hr of the future

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