The Rise of Remote Working

With the advent of technology and the Internet, it’s now more and more popular for people to examine the possibility of remote working i.e. working at an establishment that is not a shared office. Employers too have begun looking to remote working to grow their workforce as the world becomes smaller due to increased communication capabilities and technology.

In today’s world you can start a business with no physical office yet you can have a talented workforce based all over the world. The barriers to this type of work are time zone issues, Internet access and employee/employer commitment.

While time zone concerns can be worked around and won’t necessarily impact on work quality, trust between employer and employee is vitally important. The concept of remote working simply won’t be successful unless there is a degree of trust and commitment on both sides.

Management too need to be conscious of keeping the lines of communication open so that employees that work remotely don’t feel isolated and still encounter an element of team work. If a physical office still exists even with the occurrence of remote workers, these remote workers can be invited to work in the physical office at a period agreed between the parties. A physical presence in an office for example once a month can benefit both sides and enable face-to-face meeting situations with clients for example.

A company called Davitt Corporate Partners has created this below infographic which examines the area of remote working; it highlights some interesting data on the topic; it investigates why and how remote working can be successful and lots more. Check the full detail out below in the graphic.

remote working

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