Understanding The Importance Of Your Website Colors

Picking a website color scheme is fundamental to how your business is seen online. It can say a lot about what your business is trying to achieve, or what products you are selling. It’s also important for consumers to be able to recognize your brand. 

A good starting point is understanding your proposition. For example, if you are a high-quality brand, using the color guide below, purple might be a good option for your brand as purple has connotations of wealth. Another good example is if your brand has a cheerful and energetic tone of voice, the color yellow might be suited as it represents youthfulness and optimism.

However, it’s not as simple as picking one single color for your brand/website. Most brands have primary, secondary, background and typeface colors. On the infographic below, the color wheel is a useful aid to help choose complementary colors to your primary one. Background color is also important to get right, as it covers the most space on the page, although it’s often the easiest to choose. You can either use a muted version of your brand color or a plain color such as white or grey.

For more insights and information on website color schemes, check out Website Builder Expert’s infographic on the subject below:

Website Colors

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