4 Tips in Choosing the Right Colors For Your Trade Show Displays

Have you ever tried painting your office or home? Then for sure, you know how challenging choosing the right paint colors can be. This is not an easy task because of the endless possibilities of colors you can pick from. What’s worse is that you need to take into account the effects of your color choices to your customers. What would they think and feel?

4 Tips in Choosing the Right Colors For Your Trade Show Displays 1

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You need to choose the right colors to create a connection with your customers. If you are attending trade shows, the more you need to be careful about your color decisions if you want to generate prospects. This is what this article is about. To help ensure that you will be picking effective colors for your trade shows, we will give you some important tips here.

#1 Choose Colors that Can Easily Grab the Attendees’ Attention

Just like video ads that should catch the viewer’s attention in a few seconds, an exhibitor generally has 4 to 6 seconds to catch the attention of a passing attendee. The design of your display will help in doing this as well as set you apart from the competition. Use bright, vivid colors with eye-catching elements over heavy texts.

#2 Know the Psychological Aspects of Your Color Choices

When you participate in trade shows, your goal is to show off your business’ services and products. You need to showcase the products of your company through your booth to catch your target customers’ attention. But, you have to make sure that the items displayed in your booth can appeal to the buying side of your customers. There are specific colors that do exactly this.

So, before you choose colors for your tradeshow booth, make sure that you know the psychological aspects of the colors you choose. Some colors are more ideal in certain situations and some are not. Below are a few guidelines for selecting the right colors for your booth:

  • Red – Red inspires excitement and passion but also conveys fierceness and danger. Try to use red for your lettering and borders rather than using it as a prominent color.
  • Black – This color corresponds to negativity and emptiness. Even if black looks sleek, it is hard to overcome its impression. Though a lot of trade shows are still using black walls, drapes, and carpeting.
  • White – It is well-organized and reflects purity and cleanliness. White is ideal as a cover color.
  • Green – It creates a cool feeling and refreshing relaxation. You can use green if you want to generate a comfortable feeling in your attendees rather than exciting them.
  • Yellow – It is a joyful color that can brighten peoples’ day. However, the bad side is that yellow can unconsciously cause caution. Using it to promote a progressive or highly-ambitious idea is not recommended.
  • Orange – Orange generates excitement to people which makes it ideal for launching products. But, similar to red, do not use it too much because it might make your display too loud.
  • Purple – This mirrors dignity and royalty. Being regal in trade shows is not great in this century. We don’t recommend using it unless it is directly connected to your brand.
  • Blue – Blue can be tricky. It can bring a gloomy feeling and unhappiness to your visitors.

#3 Consider Your Company’s Branding & Colors

Do not disregard the branding and colors of your company when designing your display booth. Do not use a lot of colors because your booth might look meaningless and confusing. Make sure that you choose a color combination that makes sense but stay true to your brand.

You can add accent colors but you should stick with your company’s core colors. For the accent colors, we recommend using bright colors but do not use too much. They can be irritating to the attendees’ eyes. Aside from accent colors, you can use complementary colors like blue and orange, purple and yellow, green and red.

#4 Consider the Attendees’ Gender

Gender preference can affect your marketing strategy. There are colors that are more appropriate to females and others that are more effective when marketing products to men.

For instance, pink is more appropriate for items and products marketed for young girls. However, it is not a good idea for male products such as construction tools. Thus, you need to take into account your target market’s gender when you decide on your color combination.


Colors can help evoke emotional responses. Brands worldwide use them strategically in their logos, websites, product labels, marketing materials, trade shows, and others. Creating an emotional connection with customers is the main objective of brands. This is the reason why choosing the right colors is important.

So, make sure to follow the tips we have mentioned above before you do anything else. Also, you may want to check out Aplus’ trade show displays. They can help you customize your ideal trade show booth so you can pick the ideal colors for your trade show displays.

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