Why BGC is the Best Location for an Office Space

A lot of employees and even applicants consider office space and location as one of the crucial factors for their work. In the Philippines where traffic is the worst for most days and most areas, it’s important for an office location to be accessible, budding, and easily commutable. 

Luckily in 2003, the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) entered the scene. It’s situated at the heart of Metro Manila where multiple entry points are available such as EDSA and C-5. It doesn’t hurt as well that the central business district of the Philippines, Makati, is its neighboring location. 

BGC is now called a smart city, as the BGC bus is there to take you around the business district or you can just walk. The city is built to make strolling and walking the main option for going around. 

In this infographic by Figari Group, know the different compelling reasons you should pick BGC as your office’s next headquarters.

Why BGC is the Best Location for an Office Space 1

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