Freelance Academic Writer

Philippines – This is a part time role that you can work on distantly from any location. We are considering candidates who can contribute to that role anywhere from 5 to 40 hours a week. You will be assisting students from around the world in tackling academic questions and problems. Your job will be to collect, analyse and evaluate the information efficiently, communicating it back in the form of a coherent answer, which precisely addresses the initial questions of a student. From the very beginning you will be exposed to challenging assignments, which nevertheless will be based on your area of interest and passion. Depending on the area of interest, you can specialize in book reports, article/movie reviews, research and analytical papers. We are therefore looking for talented students and graduates in Economics, Finance and Accounting, Law, Business and Marketing, IT and other areas. Benefits: – Competitive compensation with performance-based bonuses – Flexible schedule – Constant flow …

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