All You Need to Know About TEAS Test

General overview

Many higher education institutes now hold pre-admission exams to pick out students to enter the courses. It’s the same when it comes to subjects related to Nursing and allied health sciences. They use these pre-admission exams to evaluate whether you have the required abilities and the thinking process of a person eligible to perform the duties in a profession related to nursing. One such test that acts as a pre-admission exam is the TEAS.

What is the TEAS?

TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). It is an aptitude test that is taken as a pre-admission exam by students who plan on following a degree in nursing or allied health sciences. It will test you on the four areas Maths, Science, English, and Reading.


On the whole, the TEAS test has 170 questions that are to be answered within a duration of 209 minutes.

  • Maths (36 questions in 54 minutes)
  • Number and algebra (23 questions)
  • Measurement and data (9 questions)
  • Pre-test questions (4 questions)
  • Science (53 questions in 63 minutes)
  • Human anatomy and physiology (32 questions)
  • Life and physical sciences (8 questions)
  • Scientific reasoning (7 questions)
  • Pre-test questions (6 questions)
  • English (28 questions in 28 minutes)
  • Conventions of standard English (9 questions)
  • Knowledge of language (9 questions)
  • Vocabulary acquisitions (6 questions)
  • Pre-test questions (4 questions)
  • Reading (53 questions in 64 minutes)
  • Key ideas and details (22 questions)
  • Craft and structure (14 questions)
  • Integration of knowledge and ideas (11 questions)
  • Pre-test questions (6 questions)

How to register for the TEAS?

By following the three simple steps given below you can register for the TEAS exam.

  1. Step 1 – Sign in to your account in the official ATI site. If you don’t already have an account, you can create a new one.
  2. Step 2 – Click on the “Register for TEAS before using ATI” button to register for the exam.
  3. Step 3 – Pick the location you would like to do your exam at.

Preparing yourself to ace the TEAS

Before facing any exam, you need to prepare for it. And for this purpose ATI Nursing Education has provided various resources for you:

  • ATI TEAS SmartPrep package

The SmartPrep package is truly an exceptional study package for the ATI TEAS. It consists of 65 lessons that cover the full syllabus required to face the TEAS test. 15, 22, 9, 19 lessons for Math, Science, English and Reading respectively. And it also has 650+ questions covering all four sections. The SmartPrep method works by first finding out which areas you need to improve on and then focusing on making you become more compatible with them. After each lesson, you will be tested with a small quiz which you can use to evaluate whether or not you have thoroughly understood and grasped the concepts in that lesson.

  • ATI TEAS Basic package

The basic package follows the same concept as SmartPrep where it focuses on developing the students’ weaknesses. This package consists of the TEAS study manual and online practice tests.

  • ATI TEAS study manual

The study manual given by ATI covers the objectives of what you learn in the Maths, Science, English and Reading sections. This will help you understand to what extent you need to build your knowledge and on what you need to focus more. It also has definitions of many new terms you will come across and practice questions to test your knowledge.

  • ATI TEAS online practice tests 

The practice test offered by ATI has 150 TEAS type questions and is designed so that the student can get the real feel of the exam and know what to expect in the real exam. ATI also gives you the chance to retake the practice test consisting of the same set of questions.

Apart from these sources, you can also find many other sources that provide training courses, exam dumps, exam simulators, study guides, etc. like PrepAway. Not every source is as reliable as PrepAway so you need to be careful when seeking guidance from other sites.


Tips to ace ATI TEAS

  • Create a study plan and work accordingly

The first thing you need to do is to create a study plan. But creating it isn’t enough; you must work accordingly as well. This will help you keep a good pace and not get stuck with an overload of unfinished tasks.

  • Know what to expect

Use all the resources that are made available for you. Check the study manuals and get the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam. By doing this you won’t be too surprised and flustered at the exam.

  • Practice

Practice makes perfect. Once you’ve grasped the theories it would be useless if you cannot recall what you’ve learned in an efficient manner. In order to perfect yourself, you need to practice. Do as many practice tests as you can. Even doing the same question twice or thrice would not be a waste of your time.

  • Learn some MCQ tricks

There are many universally accepted MCQ tricks that you can find online. They will be very helpful in case you are stuck with a multiple choice question at the exam.


If you are someone looking to study nursing or allied health keep an eye out for the ATI TEAS test because it will be something you may require for admission. And if you are among those candidates that are preparing to take the test, know that it’s not a very tough task you earn the certification if you follow the right path with the most valid resources.

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