Gallery adjunct

Rudolf Lietz Inc – Makati City, Metro Manila – Gallery adjunct Rudolf Lietz Inc Makati City, Metro Manila Business Sector: Job Vacancies: 2 Job Description Job detail A Gallery adjunct provides support to the President or the Curator by performing a variety of manual tasks needed to ensure that the gallery operates efficiently. This position manages in acquiring and tracking records to make sure that all items are accounted for. In addition, the Gallery adjunct makes sure that exhibits are well coordinated and are involved in planning and organization of the event. This position serves as the face of a gallery and interacts with visitors and management as well. The main objective in the Gallery is to SELL -thus to hone these expertise and do what Information technology takes is the thrill and challenge of this position. Meeting famous people in person is a wonderful fringe benefit of Gallery attendance. Qualification Qualifications -College graduate, preferably with a degree in Business Administration/Management or similar…

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