magnolia chickenSan Miguel Foods Inc.’s Magnolia’s contract grower, Ofel Dator and her husband Serafin Dator, owners of Ofel’s Poultry Farm, began breeding chicken in 2005 with just minimal capital on hand. Today, Ofel’s Poultry Farm is earning well over P2.5 million a year. Being a San Miguel Foods Inc’s poultry contract grower, you can assure the success of your poultry business.

Application Requirements for New Poultry Contract Growers

I. Application Process

1. Accomplishment of Contract Growing Application Form
2. Site or Farm Inspection
3. Approval of Proposed Site or Farm
4. Submission of Letter of Intent
5. Issuance of Letter of Commitment
6. Submission of Permits
7. Construction of Poultry House
8. Submission of Bond or Collateral
9. Contract Signing
10. Seminar
11. Chick Placement

II. Investment Details

a. Farm Site

* With a minimum lot area of one (1) hectare
* Within an agricultural zone
* One (1) km away from residential area
* One (1) km away from any nearest poultry or hog farm
* With reliable source of electricity and adequate potable water
* Must have an all-weather road (to and from and within the farm), passable to a 10-wheeler truck
* Must be within the following radius from an SMFI dressing plant :
Luzon – 100 km
Visayas / Mindanao – 50 km

b. Document Requirements

* Completely filled-up application form
* 2 pcs. 2×2 picture
* Clear photocopy of latest community tax certificate (cedula)
* Clear photocopy of TIN card
* Proposed farm site and location map

c. Bond Collateral

* Cash (Php 10.00 per bird)
* Real Estate Mortgage (REM)
* Original Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)
* Current Year’s Tax Declaration
* Tax Clearance
* Tax Receipt
* Special Power of Attorney (SPA), if property is not in applicant’s name

d. Poultry House

Minimum volume35,000 bird capacity / Building
Design specifications East West orientation
52 ft. width
450 ft. length
Tunnel Ventilated Broiler House

e. SMFI and Contract Grower Responsibilities


* Day-old chicks
* Broiler feeds
* Vaccines and medicines
* Technical assistance
* Laboratory services
* A competitive payment scheme

2. Grower

* Land
* Poultry houses
* Feed bodega
* Poultry equipment
* Water and electricity
* Security
* Labor
* Proper management

10. Contact Details

For further information, please contact:
Luzon Operations:

North LuzonMr. Enrique S. Jabiguero09178031848
 Engr. Vladimir A. Bayan09178670262
Central LuzonDr. Jorge S. Manahan09178688356
South LuzonMr. Arthur A. Torres09175684677
 Engr. Gary M. Patam09175117407

Visayas – Mindanao Operations:

Visayas-MindanaoDr. Amor A. Gomez09177054864
 Engr. Eugene P. Camerino09175119576
Central-Eastern VisayasMr. Jonathan Escanilla09178658532 / 09228055554
Western VisayasDr. Manuel Olan0917 5877624 / 09228858350
North MindanaoEngr. Rodney Erasmo09175900692 / 09228656677
South MindanaoDr. Rommel Virtucio09177001421

1V. Application Form

Click to download Contract Growing Application Form and send to the following emails below.

For LUZON Area:
Contact Person: Dr. Jorge Manahan
Email Address:
For VISMIN Area:
Contact Person: Dr. Amor Gornez
Email Address:

Application for Contract Breeding Business Opportunity


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