15 Pandemic Friendly Business Ideas You Can Start In 2021

Best Business Ideas in the aftermath of the Pandemic

The world is constantly changing and transforming. But 2020 has become a truly amazing year for almost all countries. During the quarantine period, many companies were closed or sent to remote work, and some users were left without money. It is good that today there are platforms that allow you to make money remotely using bets or bets on computer games, for example – cs: go betting. But a time of change is also a time of great opportunity. The world after the coronavirus will be different, and some business ideas will be sub-optimal. But some areas will be in demand and can bring good profits. Here are a few of the top startups that will be successful in 2021.

Food Delivery

Delivery of food and ready-made meals, as a type of business, thrives in the era of mass self-isolation, because quarantine is quarantine, and you need to eat. First, you need to choose a working scheme and draw up a business plan. Think and decide whether you will deliver food to customers from restaurants and cafes, or will accept orders, prepare and send ready meals to customers yourself. You might prefer to deliver groceries from stores. It all depends on your ambitions and financial capabilities. Analyze and calculate each option – this will help you make the right choice.

Online Training

Do you know something at a professional level? Share your knowledge and experience online. For many people, quarantine has become a convenient opportunity for self-development. Don’t miss the chance to capitalize on your qualifications. It’s time to learn and learn! First, define your area of ​​specialization and target audience – your potential students. From making the perfect scrambled eggs to starting a chain of coffee shops, you can teach everything you can. When defining a target audience, show empathy with potential learners and understand what their main problem is and why they still haven’t solved it. Then ask yourself the question: How can my knowledge help these people? Now is the time to create video tutorials or lectures that will be in demand and bring you profit.

Online Store 

Under quarantine conditions, online shopping remains the only place where people can purchase a wide range of goods. A key element for the success of an online store in the current crisis is flexibility, the ability to quickly adapt to changes. It should be expected that after the end of the epidemic, the popularity of online stores will only grow since, during the quarantine, purchases through the network will become a habit among users. Probably the biggest growth during this time will be in online grocery stores.

Beauty Salon with Visit to the Client

Beauty salons, hairdressers, and barbershops have suspended their activities during the quarantine. But the demand remains the same, so many hairdressers, make-up artists, barbers, beauticians, manicure and pedicure masters, and other specialists from this field offer to do this work at your home. You can organize your online salon by bringing together many beauty professionals through a partnership agreement. You attract customers and solve organizational issues, specialists do the work and give you a percentage of each order.

Outdoor Sports

In addition to beauty salons, gyms were also under lockdown. A large number of people sit at home without any movement, but health begins with an active lifestyle. Recruit a team of professional trainers, attract clients from the Internet, and conduct group and individual training in parks and groves in compliance with all sanitary standards. Focus on exercising without simulators. Boxing, fitness, running, walking, cycling, strength training, yoga – all this can and should be monetized in a pandemic.

Business in the field of medicine

The coronavirus epidemic has already literally gilded pharmaceutical companies and medical mask manufacturers. Even after the end of the pandemic, the demand for medical products will continue as people become more serious about their health. Therefore, the coming years will be a good time for the development of many areas of business in the medical field. With the right approach in the digital health industry, you can build a truly innovative and profitable business.

Disinfection Service

Another “product” of the coronavirus. After the current epidemic, people will become much more serious about cleanliness and sterility, which will cause demand for disinfection, pest control, and deratization services. If you are a small entrepreneur and you do not have the means to open a network of pharmacies, then you should think about doing disinfection.

Agricultural Sector

The financial crisis has taken a huge toll on almost all sectors of the economy. Against the background of the general decline, the agricultural sector may become relatively safe for investors. Food production will become a truly in-demand and profitable business with the right approach.

Online Pawnshop

During a crisis, people always get poorer, and therefore second-hand shops become extremely relevant. Classic thrift stores are closed now, so it might be time to open a thrift store. The key advantage of the consignment shop is that you do not need entrepreneurial experience, a large number of employees, and storage facilities, as is the case with a regular online store. A small office and a laptop are enough. You must create and promote a portal, then the sellers themselves will provide you with the goods, and you will earn a percentage of the sale.

Language Courses

People who stay at home have more free time and sometimes prefer to spend it on developing and gaining new knowledge. Many users want to raise their level of a foreign language through online learning. This is a good opportunity to create online courses or get a personalized teaching experience.

Recruiting Agency

Online stores and delivery services are facing a shortage of workers. At the same time, the anti-crisis measures carried out by the companies will require the hiring of super-qualified specialists and anti-crisis management. In both cases, HR services will fail, and therefore companies will turn to recruiting agencies. Therefore, in a crisis, a specialized agency should be created that will deal with either massive recruitment of employees or the selection of rare professionals.

Internet Marketing Agency

Quarantine has demonstrated that if a business is not online, then it does not exist. Therefore, one can expect that investments in Internet marketing will not actively fall. At first, your agency will be able to work without an office – the main thing is to find the necessary specialists. You can specialize in specific industries (for example, SEO or SMM) or provide a full range of marketing services.

IT sector

The IT sphere, along with the agricultural sector, is one of those areas that, according to experts, will be least affected by the crisis. As a result of the quarantine, the demand for teleworking software can be expected to increase significantly. Therefore, developers of CRM systems, cloud data warehouses, online services, and digital business management systems will be on the top.


Another interesting type of profession that allows you to work remotely and is in demand. Today, working with computer graphics and visualization has become necessary for various companies in the cinematography, game industry, and other fields. Many training courses on the Internet will help you take your first steps, gain knowledge and get a job. Next, you become the creator of your success.

Investments in Shares

This method is based on the analysis of all the previous ones. If you can predict changes in the market and demand for goods, then you can make your business forecasts. You know that the agricultural sector, IT and some other segments will be in demand. Why not capitalize on the appreciation of these companies’ shares. However, this is a risky business, and you need to do it only if you have excellent analytical thinking.


We have analyzed only a few of the large variety of business ideas that can be implemented with minimal investment during the coronavirus pandemic. The world will never be the same again. It’s true. In business, as in nature, the survivor is the one who better adapts to the conditions. Be the one who sees the economic crisis as an opportunity, not hopelessness. Be the winner.

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