Inventing Something Right Out of College

The idea for most college students is that life begins after college.

However, some students are challenging that idea by starting their careers before they graduate.

They have used their skills, interests and knowledge to craft some interesting inventions.



Chris Taylor is a recent graduate from Georgia Tech and the proud inventor of Chewbots, a robot dog toy. This innovative idea won $20,000 in a competition and is sure to be a hit with the masses of dog lovers. The invention is a series of three robotic toys that dogs can chase. One is a duck on wheels, another is a snowman that bounces and vibrates and the third is a plush snowman.


Winners of the award also receive a free U.S. patent filing, which is a major cost savings to broke college students. It allows students like Taylor to have more than a college degree to show prospective employers at graduation.



Inventions are serious business as the AnemoCheck by Erin Tyburski proves. This invention is a diagnostic test for anemia and is easy to use. She believes it could be beneficial for countries where anemia is a major problem. She has won multiple awards with her invention which may revolutionize diagnosis and treatment of one health condition around the world. She has a major in Biomedical Engineering.


Inventions in Every Industry

As these two inventors prove, you can use your interests and experience to create innovative and useful items.

College students have designed eco-friendly products like the shower head that changes colors based on how long you are in the shower, encouraging users to conserve water.

Others are designing items that are purely for fun and entertainment, whether it is a toy or app.

Many colleges and organizations are encouraging such creativity by offering awards and payouts in competitions.

These competitions not only give credence to the student innovations, they often award money that can be used to perfect the idea or even distribute it.


Why College Inventions Are on the Rise

More colleges are offering competitions for inventions and they are seeing an increase in the number of participants.

Many experts believe that more students are designing their own inventions as a way to improve their options once they graduate.

Instead of being stuck with the image of having a degree but no experience, these inventions show that they have initiative, education and experience that is relevant and essential to many companies.

According to the article, “Top Advice for Aspiring Inventors”, students with an idea must consider when to get a patent to protect their inventions.

This is one of the most important things to think about when starting on the path. They must also get funding and have support for their idea.

Students who can design and patent ideas before they even receive their degree are well on their ways to successful and exciting careers.

As more schools encourage this creativity and innovation, more people will be graduating with increased hope for the future.


About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including technology and education.


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