6 Areas of Law You’ll Likely Need to Deal With

There are so many different areas of law. Even though it is not something that comes to mind, the majority of people will encounter at least one of those laws during their lifetime. Some are more serious repercussions than others, however, it is always best to know up in advance what you might potentially deal with. Here is a list of 6 areas of laws of which you will encounter at least one at one point or the other. 

6 Areas of Law You'll Likely Need to Deal With 1

Intellectual Property Law

The first one would be the law that is focusing on protecting the rights of authors, inventors, and businesses that have particular material or virtual products. It is called Intellectual Property law. Professionals that are a part of this field are experts, in most cases, only in one particular domain like arts, science, or industry. For instance, there are attorneys that deal with copyright and trademarks and they manage the legal aspects of contracts, brand names, slogans, or even visual identity. 

If you are in a similar line of work, there is a big possibility that you will have to deal with such matters and to think about having someone by your side who will protect your work. These solicitors protect ideas and everything else that is not tangible that you have. People who are working as Intellectual Property lawyers have a technical background and have additional licenses. 

If they do not have those technical degrees, they need to choose some other forms of legal practice. There are degrees that are needed in order to be an IP attorney. The diplomas should be in engineering, science, or math. Intellectual Property law, unlike other fields, is not structured at all. 

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is dealing with unintentional and sometimes intentional misconduct that may potentially affect psychologically or physically an individual that is involved. Hopefully, you will not encounter this law, however, one should never be too careful since unpredictable accidents can always happen. 

Those that are dealing with this branch are well versed in torts law. These solicitors may work on cases that involve accidental collisions, wrongful death, product liability, or even injury caused by a car crash. 

In case there is any kind of misfortune, it would be for the best to follow their guidance, especially since you might be pressured to say something you might regret. Despite what your first impulse may be, David Preszler with PreszlerLaw-NS.com says, never admit fault in an accident because it can set you up for more trouble down the road. So if you ever find yourself in such situations where you think you are being “pressed up against the wall” with no escape, whether the circumstances of the accident were work-related, car accident, or medical malpractice, remember this advice. It could serve you in the long run regardless if you were liable or not. From that point on, it would be recommended to seek lawyers’ advice on what should your next step be and how the case should be handled.  

International Law

This one has a broad conception. International law, that you may encounter as someone who is an owner of a business or corporation, is usually broken down into public and private sectors. In public international law, lawyers are handling those cases that involve any kind of dealings between sovereign nations. 

Practitioners here are familiar with public international law as well as with comparative law since they would be most effective for this field. On the other hand, solicitors that deal with the private sectors are specialists in international law that may work in the trade or finance division of some multinational; corporations or businesses. 

They are very familiar with business essentials and the knowledge of intellectual property law, as well as of corporate law is most useful for them. In nature, public and private law are disciplined. 

Tax Law

This dynamic field deals with international and domestic transactions called tax law. There is no need to explain why there is almost a certainty you will have to deal with it at one point. Because it has a complex fiscal policy and is modified locally, experts in this field are constantly learning and have greater rates than many other fields of law. 

tax law

These lawyers help their clients to reduce fiscal liabilities. Since tax may sometimes be boring to deal with, there is a chance of misfiling certain forms, or some issues with import duties can happen. Professionals in this field can help with all of that and when the IRS is searching for people, they can testify on behalf of the client. 

Health Law

The field whose main focus is on legislation related to health care is called health law. Regardless if you are working in a clinic or part of the hospital’s insurance company, individual health practitioner, or simply a patient, you can be represented by the health law attorney. 

The Federal Government uses these solicitors in fields that are overlooking enforcement of policies, their crafting, and their implementation. Specialists in this field can also work in academic institutions and have connections with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. 

Corporate/Business Law

Corporate law involves everything that has to do with dissolution, formation, and other legal aspects of some corporation’s administration. Acquisitions, internal reorganization, and mergers are some of the typical duties of corporate attorneys. They can also dispute between individuals and businesses. Business law can be divided into many areas:

  • Employment law
  • Real estate law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Tax law
  • Contract law

Even though business law is one of the higher paying practice areas, the workload can be overwhelming and that is why the people that are studying for this field are usually the ones that like to deal with complex cases that involve multiple strategies and plans to help people to reach their goals. 

These would be the fields of law that the majority of people stumble upon during their life. Thankfully, in every one of these categories, there are more than qualified attorneys that may help you with your legal needs. There is a huge selection out there, so in case you ever need one, do your research and make it detailed. Things like this are very important so do not be afraid if you take your time. 

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