8 Things Your Job Interviewer Won’t Tell You

8 Things Your Job Interviewer Won't Tell You 1

The usual things people worry about when they prepare for a job interview are what to wear and say. While these should still be on your worry-list, you should keep in mind that interviewers are masters of observation. They have many secret ways of getting to know you past the things you say in the interview. Ideally, they use these to help them make the decision of hiring you or not. But some abuse this skill and trick you into something you don’t want; like being a victim of an endo scheme. For this reason, you should be wary of these secrets. Here are a few:

You’re Too Early

Being too early at an interview does show your professionalism but a lot of times it also annoys an interviewer. He probably has things to do or meetings to attend on the day of your interview. If you arrive too early you could ruin his plans and force him to readjust to you. This could ruin your chances of getting hired. Being 5 minutes early is enough to show that you are professional as well as considerate.

They Judge Book Covers

Wearing appropriate clothes is not to impress and suck-up to the interviewer. It is to show things about your personality. They can see how high you standards are, if you have an attitude that fits with the company’s mission, and if you would work well with the team.

No to Pushy Spiels

Interviewers are more interested in finding out if you fit a job rather than in your skills. Skills are useless if the person doing the job is not interested in it. People uninterested in their jobs don’t grow. Bosses don’t want people like this. They want people interested and passionate as they are about the mission of the company. This, and not flowery spiels about skillsets, will gain your interviewers’ interest.

Little Things are Big

The little things, like how you reply to emails or reactions to sudden requests, matter to interviewers. These are the moments that show your true colours because this is when you are least guarded. They observe these little things to see how you are like on an everyday basis. Interviewers can tell if you’re putting up a façade at the interview by doing this. Just be yourself and you’ll get the right job for you.

Ranting mean You’re Problematic

Ranting about previous employers is a warning sign to interviewers because they will see you have problems with working with people. Why would they hire someone that will disrupt the harmony of their company? They won’t want to waste their time and effort by hiring you.

Rambling means You’re Indecisive

Interviewers love people who answer concisely. It shows that they have confidence and a decisive mind. Rambling shows interviewers shows that a person doesn’t have his thoughts together. Try to give a concise answer when going to a job interview. If the question really requires a length explanation, then just give the gist and explain further if you are asked to. 

Evil Tricks

Some evil interviewers out there drop a sudden request for you to put a price tag on your salary. They do this with the intention of pressuring you. With the right questions they can make you think that you need to price yourself low in order to get the job. Interviewers like this are looking for someone to push around to get what the company wants. They are bullies. You can protect yourself by knowing how much you really are worth and believing that you deserve it. 

Everyone is an Interviewer

Your interviewer will talk to everyone that you talked to know what you really are like. These could be the receptionist or an employee you had a light chat with in the waiting room.

You have to understand that interviewers were assigned that task because they are good judges of character. It is no use trying to lie to them. Just be yourself at interviews and respect what you deserve (to avoid getting fooled) and eventually you will land the perfect job for you.


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