How Staffing Firms Are Hiring Remote Workers

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, and life as we know it, has been rife with ups and downs. Businesses, governments, and each and every person are now continually adapting to and accepting a “new normal.” Along the way, countless jobs were lost or modified indefinitely, forcing employers and staffing firms to adjust to a historically altered talent landscape.

Today, the appeal of hiring remote workers is on the rise. Not only does telecommuting work well for a socially distant society, but it also allows employers greater flexibility. Hiring remote workers on a fractional basis gives companies the freedom to staff positions for the exact number of hours needed each month. And at a time when budgets are tight, employers are turning to staffing firms that can provide these on-demand remote workers.

Today, staffing firms are leveraging tech-driven hiring tools, like video interviewing software, to find talented remote staff without the usual lengthy recruitment process. Not only do staffing firms find value in advanced technology solutions, but employers do as well. According to a recent survey of hiring managers, 67% of respondents believe it is very important that their staffing firms use up-to-date technology to shorten the average time to hire.

Whether your firm is looking to remotely staff positions in accounting, technology, administrative, medical, or any other field, eSkill’s innovative suite of online hiring tools can streamline the process. Here is a look at how top staffing firms are leveraging eSkill’s tech-driven hiring tools to quickly source talented remote workers.

Automatically Verify Skills and Competencies

With the unemployment rate fluctuating at highs not seen in decades, chances are you will receive an overwhelming number of applications, regardless of the position posted. Unfortunately, a large number of candidates applying will lack the necessary skills. Therefore, successful staffing firms implement a carefully designed system for verifying job-seekers competencies.

Online pre-employment tests designed to evaluate the specific skills and competencies a position requires is the fastest and most effective way of thinning the pool of applicants. When staffing firms administer job-specific skills tests to every applicant, only qualified talent move to the next phase of the hiring process. Eliminating unqualified candidates before a recruiter spends any time reviewing their credentials streamlines hiring immensely.

eSkill, an industry leader of online hiring tools, offers an extensive library of customizable online skills tests. From job-specific tests to single-subject tests, behavioral assessments, and realistic job simulations, eSkill provides the largest selection of employment tests in the human resources (HR) industry. Easily select and configure employment tests that align with the exact requirements of any position.

eSkill enables staffing firms to seamlessly administer, score, and rank candidates with the click of a button. On average, firms that use eSkill’s employment tests reduce the average time-to-hire by 60%. With skills tests, recruiters can automatically create a shortlist of qualified talent during the first step of the hiring process, saving time and resources.

Streamline Video Interviews and Standardize Scoring

Well-integrated hiring solutions are the key to hiring remote workers effectively and efficiently. Therefore, top staffing firms use eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing software, in addition to employment skills tests. eSkill’s on-demand video interviews provide staffing firms with a fast and reliable way of completing and objectively scoring interviews.

On-demand interviews are asynchronous, meaning candidates record responses to a set of predetermined questions, saving valuable time. eSkill’s user-friendly interface enables recruiters to send video interview requests to top-ranked test-takers with the click of a button. Doing so eliminates the time-consuming process of communicating back and forth with candidates to schedule interviews.

On-demand video interviews not only save recruiters time, but they also provide the framework for standardized interviewing and scoring practices. During live in-person, telephone, or video interviews, it is difficult to enforce and oversee policies that mandate interviewers to behave consistently from interview to interview. Even well-trained interviewers may deviate from the exact wording of a question, lack consistency when answering clarifying questions, or unknowingly use body language that influences the response of candidates. When interviews lack structure, the results are inconsistent and unreliable measures of candidates likelihood to succeed in a role.

With eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing solution, every candidate is asked the same questions in the same order, creating a well-structured and standardized process for conducting interviews. Additionally, on eSkill’s Interviewer Portal, recruiters can select and configure scorecards that clearly define the criteria for awarding points to responses. Scorecards help to facilitate a fair and consistent evaluation process.

eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing solution enables streamlined communication amongst hiring teams. Any member of a staffing firm can remotely view, score, and share feedback in real-time. When multiple recruiters evaluate the same interview responses, firms can easily oversee and calibrate scoring practices. eSkill’s structured interviews and standardized scoring practices nearly eliminate the risk of bias in hiring decisions, significantly improving staffing outcomes.

When adding tech tools to the hiring process, it is essential to develop a streamlined approach that results in reliable data. eSkill’s employment tests and video interviewing solution eliminates the lag time between steps in the hiring funnel and produces reliable indicators of future on-the-job success.

Deliver top remote talent to your clients with confidence. Make data-driven hiring recommendations with detailed results from eSkill’s job-specific skills tests and on-demand video interviews.

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